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You can find huge savings in Amazon's secret overstock section — items starting at $10

You can find huge savings in Amazon's secret overstock section — items starting at $10

Every week, we spend hours combing the internet for the best products at the lowest prices, from the biggest brand names to the most viral items out there. But there's one thing that makes a deal even better: The product solves a problem. You probably already know that Amazon is loaded with items that meet both criteria. What you might not know is that Amazon has a secret outlet section with awesome overstock items that are a serious bargain. It's packed with everything you need, but we've selected some of our favorite items that can make your life a little bit easier — all at a discount!

The best Amazon deals this week

  • Mamnv Robot Vacuum and Mop

    Save $589 with coupon
  • Budding Joy 90-Liter Large Storage Bags

    Save $23 with coupon
  • Utopia Bedding Bed Pillows, 2-Pack

    Save $14 with coupon

70% off and more

It's not considered lazy if it's efficient, so go ahead and let this 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop clean your floors for you! With up to 180 minutes of runtime, it can cover your home in one go — plus, it knows when it's running low on steam and needs to scoot back to its charging dock. For the ultimate in convenience, this programmable robot vac can even be controlled remotely via app!

Save $589 with coupon
$170 at Amazon

Why keep tripping over bottles when these handy shower shelves exist? This top-selling set claims to hold up to 40 pounds (that's a lot of shampoo) and comes with five storage racks in different sizes for all your bathtime essentials. All you need to do is apply the included adhesive to stick 'em on the wall. Act fast to save over 70%.

Save $52 with Prime and coupon
$18 at Amazon

Keep your eyes and hands on the road while having your phone close by, thanks to this top-selling phone mount. It sticks right onto your dashboard or windshield (its strong suction was designed to withstand bumps and turns) and even has a telescopic arm that lets you adjust the viewing angle.

Save $38 with coupon
$12 at Amazon

50% off and more

Whether you're storing shorts and sundresses in the winter or puffer coats and comforters in the summer, these roomy storage bags will keep everything organized from season to season. Each one has an impressive 90-liter capacity, along with see-through front panels so you won't forget what you stashed in them.

Save $23 with coupon
$22 at Amazon

Slicing and dicing just got way more fun, thanks to this colorful knife set from Cuisinart. You'll get an 8-inch chef knife, an 8-inch slicing knife, an 8-inch serrated bread knife, a 7-inch santoku knife, a 6.5-inch utility knife, a 3.5-inch paring knife and protective sheaths for each. Since they're color-coded, you can designate one for meat, one for vegetables and so on — no cross-contamination to see here.

$30 at Amazon

This small-but-mighty chain saw is powerful enough to take down tree branches, yet weighs under 2.5 pounds. It's also cordless. Overgrown shrubs, you've met your match. 

Save $40 with Prime
$40 at Amazon

Yahoo reader faves

Never fight with your family over outlets again, thanks to this handy extender. It boasts five AC outlets and four USB ports, enough for everyone to charge their devices all at once. Oh, and it's much sleeker than having a power strip on your floor. 

Save $10 with Prime
$10 at Amazon

If you spend lots of time in the kitchen, your feet deserve a cushy surface to stand on during all of that cooking (and dishwashing). This highly-rated anti-fatigue mat is made from a comfy foam to help take some of the pressure off of your muscles and joints, and its nonslip bottom will stay put without sliding around. The waterproof material is also easy to wipe clean. 

Save $21 with Prime and coupon
$12 at Amazon

Having this popular dryer vent cleaning kit on hand is a great way to minimize the risk of fires, as it'll do a more thorough job than simply wiping the lint out. You'll be amazed by how much lint it sucks up!

$10 at Amazon

New this week

Perfect for getting into small corners and busting away grime from grout, this battery-powered gadget scrubs 60 times per second to save you time and elbow grease. It comes with two heads and is all ready to go with batteries. 

Check out our full Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber review for more. 

$20 at Amazon

Using a dirty soap pump sort of defeats the purpose — that's why this sleek, no-touch model is in-dispense-able. One cool feature is the volume control switch, which lets you choose the amount of product you'd like dispensed at a time.

Save $8 with Prime
$26 at Amazon

How adorable is this vintage-style toaster? (Even Kris Jenner is a fan!) It has seven browning settings and self-centering slots to help you prepare your perfect slice, plus a nifty defrost button. This toaster is one you'll actually like displaying on your counter, and you can choose from six colors. As far as we can tell, this deal is as low as it gets — 50% off!

Save $25 with coupon
$25 at Amazon

Tried and tested

If you can't remember the last time you replaced your carbon monoxide detector, it's probably time for a new one. At under half a pound and 5 inches wide, the Kidde makes a smart travel mate, but it's ideal for at-home use as well. It calls for two AA batteries (included) and can be mounted on a wall or placed on a table or other flat surface. 

Check out our full Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector review for more. 

$18 at Amazon

Yes, retinol can be used on your whole body for a head-to-toe anti-aging regimen! Unlike many retinol products, which can cause irritation when you're first starting out, this Gold Bond lotion contains seven moisturizers, including shea and cocoa butters, to help keep skin hydrated.

Check out our full Gold Bond Age Renew Retinol Overnight Body & Face Lotion review for more. 

$11 at Amazon

There's no need to spend an hour on your knees furiously scrubbing away at your shower when you have one of these electric doodads on hand. This one has thousands of great reviews and two adjustable speeds to cut through bathtub grime, soap scum and grout stains with little to no elbow grease on your part. Its retractable handle allows you to clean without crouching over, and it comes with four different brushes for tackling a variety of spaces in your home. 

Check out our full Khelfer Electric Spin Scrubber review for more. 

Save $25 with coupon
$45 at Amazon

Deals you might've missed

Similar to the Tile Stickers, the Apple AirTag will help keep you from losing your luggage, purse — anything, really — again. Just toss one of these smart tags inside the item you want to track, and you'll be alerted of its whereabouts via your phone. This is the best price we've seen!

$24 at Amazon

Handy humans, this one's for you: With a powerful drill and impact driver in this set, you'll finally be able to cross all those home-improvement tasks off your list. The compact, lightweight design makes them easy to use, and the best part? No cords!

$219 at Amazon
Explore more purchase options
$241 at Global Industrial$139 at Acme Tools

Stanley who? There's no need to break the bank on an insulated water bottle when this affordable No. 1 bestseller exists. Not only does it come in a slew of fun colors, it can also keep drinks cold for up to a day and has a lockable flip-top lid to help prevent spills. Did we mention it has a built-in straw, too?

Check out our full Owala FreeSip review for more. 

$25 at Amazon

Headphones and earbuds

These second-gen top-sellers have hundreds of thousands of perfect ratings, thanks to their clear, rich sound quality, 24-hour battery life and convenient cord-free design. Apple is an in-demand brand that doesn't really need to have sales, so we'll definitely take the discount.

$99 at Amazon

There's a reason for the hype surrounding the newest Apple AirPods Pro — many reasons, in fact. For starters, they offer rich, crisp sound and superior noise cancellation, allowing you to enjoy music, podcasts, audiobooks and more without outside commotion getting in the way. This model lets you control the volume simply by swiping the stem, and you'll receive four pairs of silicone tips in different sizes for customized comfort.

$199 at Amazon

Not a fan of earbuds? These wireless headphones have soft earcups to provide hours of comfort. They offer up to 60 hours of listening time and were designed with noise cancellation in mind to keep disrupting sounds from affecting your listening experience. 

Save $40 with coupon
$40 at Amazon


No, you don't have to accept a sad trickle of water every time you shower. This top-rated showerhead will put your low-pressure fixture to shame with its five spray modes, including mist, rain and massage. Everything you need for installation is included — no tools required — and reviewers say it's a breeze to hook up. 

Save $16 with coupon
$14 at Amazon

Have a lot of seasonal clothing and linens taking up space in your closet? Pack 'em up until you need them again with these popular storage totes. They can fit up to 24 gallons each, making them ideal if you're moving to a new home as well. They're waterproof, have heavy-duty handles and easily fold down when not in use. Plus, they come with little tag pockets so you can jot down what's being stored in each. 

Save $22 with coupon
$28 at Amazon

More than 44,000 now-happy slumberers roused themselves long enough to sing the five-star praises of the Utopia pillow. There's never been a better time to give this pillow a try — this is the best deal we've ever seen for this fan favorite. And at this ridiculous discount, you can make sure everyone in your home gets a good night's sleep.

Save $14 with coupon
$20 at Amazon

Tablets and tech

If you've been curious about all the hype around Apple's popular tablets, now's your chance for a firsthand peek. This ninth-gen iPad has 64GB of storage, a crisp Retina display, front and back cameras and Touch ID to ensure that your information stays secure. Use it for everything from checking your email to browsing the web, sharing photos and even sketching. (You'll want an Apple Pencil for that last one.) Apple products fly off the shelves whether or not they're on sale, so $80 off is pretty exciting — the price usually dips lower only during Prime Day or Black Friday.

$249 at Amazon

Keep your devices juiced up on the go using this solar-powered charging bank. You won't need to plug this baby in as long as the sun's out, making it ideal for camping trips and outdoor adventures. It can keep your phone charged for days, and it even has an LED flashlight built right in. Plus, it's waterproof.

Save $33 with coupon
$27 at Amazon

This compact, lightweight (under half a pound!) portable speaker is ideal for packing on trips, using at parties or playing music outside while you get yard work done. It easily connects to devices within 66 feet, and since it's waterproof, you can bring it to the beach or pool without worry. 

Save $122 with coupon
$38 at Amazon

$25 and under

Does anyone actually enjoy changing their shower liner? These double-sided hooks make the job a lot easier, at least. Slide your curtain over one side and the liner over the other; then, when it's time to swap the liner out, you can just lift it off without getting the curtain involved.

$7 at Amazon

Parched winter skin is no match for this rich moisturizer, packed with hydrating ingredients like cocoa butter and vitamin E to help soften and smooth even the roughest complexions. According to the brand, it can provide up to 48 hours of moisture and is suitable for those with eczema. 

$8 at Amazon

Tired of having to scrape caked-on tomato sauce off your microwave? Angry Mama to the rescue! All you do is remove her hair (sorry, Mama), fill her with vinegar and water, put her hair back on, pop her into the microwave, and heat her for five to eight minutes. While she's in there, the vents in her hair will release a mist of the water-vinegar mixture, which helps soften and release food buildup. Then you can simply wipe everything down, no harsh chemicals or intense scrubbing required.

$9 at Amazon


If your old telly has seen better days, there's no time like the present to snag a replacement. This highly rated 40-inch model isn't the biggest of the bunch, but it's extremely affordable and boasts full HD resolution, along with an Alexa voice remote and a sleek edge-to-edge glass design. 

$150 at Amazon

Enjoy sports, movies and all your favorite streaming services on this 40-inch smart TV, which has 1080p HD resolution and LED backlight to bring you clear, vibrant visuals. It's equipped with Apple AirPlay and Chromecast, allowing you to watch anything from your phone or tablet right on your TV, and it has more than 140 apps — including Netflix, Disney+ and YouTube — built in for instant access. We rarely see the price dip lower than this.

$158 at Amazon

With 4K Ultra HD resolution, you'll feel like you're part of the action while watching your favorite shows and movies on this 50-inch beauty. Oh, and you'll get a free six-month subscription to MGM+ with your purchase. 

$320 at Amazon


Have a car full of fast food containers and crumpled tissues? We'd advise scooping up this No. 1 bestselling car trash can while it's just $10. Now you can give friends a ride without making excuses about why the floor is so messy. 

$10 at Amazon

If your tires start to sag and there are no gas stations in sight, you'll be glad you have this tire inflator in the trunk. It fills them in seconds when plugged into your car's 12-volt power outlet, and its 9.8-foot cord is long enough to let you reach all four without having to keep adjusting the inflator's position. It can also blow up things like air mattresses and inflatable boats. 

Save $19 with coupon
$26 at Amazon

This is one of those items you'll hope you never have to use — but you'll be grateful for it when your car goes kaput. In addition to giving your vehicle a jump, it acts as a handy on-the-go power station with its multiple charging ports.

Save $42 with coupon
$48 at Amazon


We think it's pretty "Inse"-ane that this sleek stick vac looks just like a Dyson, but clocks in at 90 bucks. Its powerful suction and maximum 45 minutes of run time allow you to quickly and efficiently zap dust, pet hair and crumbs from your floors, while the built-in filtration system helps purify the air. You can also convert this bad boy into a handheld for cleaning higher surfaces, like furniture and stairs.

$90 at Amazon

The Shark Navigator is super lightweight, so you can take it with you from room to room without it feeling like a workout session. And when you have to get into those hard-to-reach spaces like stairs, furniture and your car, the lift-away detachable pod will allow you to make them spick-and-span lickety-split.

$170 at Amazon

This No. 1 bestselling, TikTok-famous compact carpet cleaner packs a punch, especially considering it weighs less than 10 pounds. Its powerful suction can be used to remove stains not just from rugs, but furniture and even car upholstery too. Plus, it comes with a self-cleaning hose tool and a bottle of Bissell's Spot & Stain with Febreeze.

$98 at Amazon


It's time to chuck all your mismatched food storage containers and replace them with this heavily marked-down set. It comes with 12 round and rectangular containers, which are clear so you can easily see their contents. Since they're made of borosilicate glass, the containers are dishwasher-, oven- and microwave-safe (just not the lids), and their airtight silicone seals help prevent leaks.

$42 at Amazon

No more counting down the minutes and wondering if your boiled eggs are done — with this gadget, you'll have a foolproof visual guide. Just place it in the pot with your eggs, and as the water heats up, you'll see it gradually go from red to white as it indicates each doneness level.

$7 at Amazon

This No. 1 bestselling fridge lazy Susan was designed to maximize space (while minimizing food waste). It's rectangular to make the best use of your fridge shelves, and it rotates 360 degrees so you can easily see — and remember — everything you have before it spoils. 

Save $7 with coupon
$20 at Amazon

Beauty and wellness

Never again juggle a brush in one hand and a bulky hairdryer in the other. This 2-in-1 appliance dries and styles at the same time, whether you want straighter hair, some curls or a blowout that'll rival the salon's. If you're not ready to splurge on the Dyson Airwrap, this is a great bet.

Save $94 with coupon
$40 at Amazon

Say cheese! These easy-to-use teeth whiteners start working in just one hour, and according to the brand, they can get your teeth up to 12 levels whiter in as few as 10 days. To use, just apply the strips to your teeth and let them sit for an hour before removing. You'll get 20 strips to a pack — 10 upper and 10 lower. 

$30 at Amazon

Keep those pearly whites, well, pearly and white with this No. 1 bestselling electric toothbrush. It provides 40,000 vibrations per minute to kick plaque to the curb, and you'll get eight brush heads included — enough to last 2.5 years!

$30 at Amazon


When Cher says she likes a pair of pants, we listen — and readers, she said she "loves" these. We're not surprised; their flowy fit makes them feel like pajamas, though they're cute enough to wear out in public. They also come in a seemingly endless number of colors and prints in sizes S to 3XL. At these prices, go ahead and stock up!

$20 at Amazon

Hate having an underwire digging into your ribs? No more! This popular wireless bra has a wide band for comfortable support, while side and back panels help smooth things out. Choose from 13 colors in sizes S–3X.

$27 at Amazon

Leggings are a staple for every wardrobe, and in the winter, fleece-lined is where it's at. These popular leg warmers have a soft interior that will keep your limbs toasty, and they're lightweight and stretchy enough for working out. Plus, they have pockets (!) and come in 13 colors and sizes XS to 3XL. 

Check out our full Luga Fleece-Lined Leggings review for more details.

Save $20 with coupon
$20 at Amazon