Woman goes viral with 'amazing' crop top hack

A woman has gone viral after sharing a quick hack for transforming an old T-shirt into a trendy crop top.

Bailey Spinnenweber, 18, from Virginia, US, shared the thrifty hack on TikTok, finding it "incredibly easy and cute."

The trick simply requires a T-shirt and a pair of scissors, and is "perfect for summer."

In the video, Spinnenweber says: “I just made this top literally out of the bottom of a T-shirt and I need to show you how to do it – amazing.”

She then takes a plain T-shirt that she rarely wears and lays it flat on the floor so the bottom seams are aligned.

Spinnenweber cuts a straight horizontal line across the top, roughly four inches below the armpit.

With the bottom half of the T-shirt, she snips the bottom seam off, creating a tie.

She then cuts the tie to make it one long piece of fabric.

To put on the new top, she wraps the main piece of material around her back, before opening the two sides of the fabric and feeding the piece of string through both sides.

She crosses the string to create a criss-cross halter-neck effect and ties it at the back of her neck.

The end result is a trendy crop top.

“I’m a big fan of making old things into something new,” Spinnenweber said.

“I have worn the top out a few times and each time it managed to stay in place.

“The T-short material is surprisingly supportive and feels secure when done correctly.

“After hours of wearing it, the top was still cut and had not fallen apart.

“I decided to wear it one night when hanging out with my friends and they were all in awe of the DIY top.

“My mother was not super keen as it is very small but I assured her that this is the style nowadays and it was nothing to be concerned about.”

After posting the video to TikTok, Spinnenweber received more than 1.2 million likes, with the post viewed by more than six million people.

Spinnenweber has been left stunned by the response to her viral video.

She added: “I was thrilled that people loved the easy shirt hack I showed them.

“It’s always a great feeling when people enjoy the content you produce, especially because I was so eager to share this DIY for all my girls out there.

“I’m so glad that people enjoyed what I had to show them and that they could use it in their lives as well.”