Woman stunned by older brother’s demand for her inheritance money

A 19-year-old woman can’t believe her 32-year-old brother is demanding part of her inheritance.

She explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Their parents died when she was young. They left both siblings a large sum of money. She was raised by her grandparents; meanwhile, her brother took the money and cut off all contact. After she turned 18 she gained access to her inheritance - so her brother showed up asking for money. 

“Me (19F) and my brother (32M) became orphans 10 years ago due to an accident our parents were in,” the Reddit poster said. “They left a significant amount of money for each of us, and our childhood home was meant to be mine. They specified that we would have access to our share of the will when we turn 18. Since my brother was already old enough, he took his money and cut all contact with me. I had lived with my grandparents ever since, but last year I finally got my share. I decided to move into the house, and use the money to pay for my studies. I am in my first year of medicine and it is very expensive.”

Her brother, who has a wife and three kids, recently contacted her to ask for her share of the inheritance. 

“My brother spent his inheritance money on a house, his wedding, cars, and expensive stuff that one doesn‘t really need to live,” she explained. “My sister-in-law is a stay-at-home mum, so he was the breadwinner. My brother recently lost his job so now their family is struggling and they need a place to stay. He contacted me and asked for us to meet up. Long story short, they said that since they were going through hard times, they expected me to hand them over my house, and give them a share of my inheritance. I got pissed off since we have barely talked or visited each other since the accident and they were just demanding me to pay for them. I told them that I wouldn’t because I already have a plan for the money and I was living in the house. They said I can move back with my grandparents and lashed out at me for being selfish.”

Reddit users thought she had every right to deny his request.

“Cut contact and if he tries to get in touch again, get a restraining order,” someone wrote

“The entitled audacity of him to demand that his little sister who he cut off as a child to bail him out is ridiculous,” another commented

“It’s your money and you can choose to do what you want with it,” a person added.