Walmart's weekend blowout is here — save up to 50 percent on Samsung, Sony, Apple, Shark and more!

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All roads (and strange blobby yellow rods) lead to Walmart this weekend. (Photo: Walmart)
All roads (and strange blobby yellow rods) lead to Walmart this weekend. (Photo: Walmart)

So, you've steel-wooled the backyard grill, rinsed off the boogie board and packed away the swimsuit for another year. Yes, summer's over, essentially if not technically, and many of you are battling the September glummies. How 'bout doing something nice for yourself while turning your attention to your indoor life? Walmart's here to make it happen, with a weekend sales-athon, including markdowns in some of its most popular (and discount-friendly) categories.

That nip in the air means football is back, with all the year's prestige movies and series hot on its heels. Walmart's got a slew of TV deals to make sure you enjoy it all in style. And how 'bout some slamming audio to go with that video? Check out the deep discounts on headphones and earbuds. Last but not least, you'll be wanting to spruce up your floors before kicking back; Walmart's got the vacuum for you, conventional or robo, at a price that doesn't suck (heh, heh).

Great as these deals are, remember that a Walmart+ membership will maximize your savings. Get yourself a free 15-day trial here. Oh, and a quick three-question survey will add on an additional two more weeks for a solid month's use. (Either way, everyone gets free shipping on orders of $35 or more.)

Fall's here; time to rake in the savings!

Best TV Sales

SAMSUNG 82" Class 4K Crystal UHD (2160P) LED Smart TV with HDR

You're not getting any younger, you know. Isn't it time you got the TV of your $300 off? (Photo: Walmart)
You're not getting any younger, you know. Isn't it time you got the TV of your $300 off? (Photo: Walmart)

We've Sam-sung the praises of this brand so many times it hardly bears mentioning, but this deal warrants a little extra love because, well, everything about this set is "a little extra"...except its price. If you've been waiting for an opportunity to pounce when the set of your dreams is available at an exceptionally low price, we're here to tell you that perfect storm has hit the shores of Walmart this weekend.

To start with the obvious: Yes, this Samsung television is a panoramic 82 inches. As we head into the time of year when prestige television and award-contender films are being unveiled, not to mention the up-and-running NFL season, the arrival of baseball playoffs in a couple of weeks, and the start of the NBA and NHL seasons, it's high time your home-video setup became commensurate with your love of peak TV season.

Speaking of love: That "2160" in its name isn't the model year, but it could well be; that's how ahead of its time this stunning set is. Rather, it stands for the number of lines of "vertical resolution," and, well, that's a lot. There's a reason you'll often see 1080 as a TV's standard, but 2160? Not so much. What this means in practice, among other things, is that this behemoth can unearth invisible-to-the-naked-eye details in images with four times the quality of Full HD (which suddenly doesn't seem so "full" after all, does it?). In the process, this set with unlock a whole nother spectrum of colors. No more wasting fall afternoons walking around staring up at a bunch of leaves!

Take it from the thousands of customers who've made the right (i.e., Samsung) choice. "Tip for anyone wanting a TV: Spend the money for something and know it'll last longer," said one wise man. "This Samsung was very easy to set up. I love the Crystal clear UHD viewing; it's beautiful. I didn't even look at the instruction guide; I had it up and running in five minutes." He concludes by telling his own home-video fortune: "[There] will be more Samsung tv's down the road."

Said another elated user: "So lifelike it's almost scary!" Well, Halloween is just around the corner....

$1,398 $1,700 at walmart

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Best headphones and earbuds sales

Vankyo N10 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

There's a time to
There's a time to "bring the noise" and a time to shut it out. Somehow these genius buds can do both. (Photo: Walmart)

We understand: After shelling out for that spectacular Samsung television (you did pull the trigger on that amazing deal, didn't you?), you're now on the hunt for a very particular kind of deal — i.e., one that combines an unexpectedly modest price with very, very immodest performance. Well, you're in luck; Say hello to Vankyo's Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, which are now a downright steal at just $15 (down from $50).That's literally more than 66 percent off!

You will, of course, enjoy unparalleled noise cancelation when you need to shut out traffic, other people's too-loud tunes, or just that cranky brat in the aisle seat behind you. But Yankyo also offers Transparence Mode, helps you stay aware of ambient sound that you need to hear in the interest of alertness....while still enjoying that podcast you can't stop bingeing.

Phone calls are a 21st century breeze, too, as each of the N10's buds contain two microphones. That not only results in no-dropped-words clarity, but the atmospheric sense of face-to-face conversation.

And these will never quit on you. The Yankyo N10s can be charged using a USB-C cord or wirelessly with their (included) charging case. The upshot? They'll keep pumping out the high-fidelity sound for up to 30 hours.

So, yeah, they don't quit...but this deal will, so make sure you carve out half a minute this weekend to snap up a pair. Who needs another thing to regret on Monday morning, amirite?

$15 $50 at Walmart

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Best vacuum sales

LG CordZero A9 Charge Cordless Stick Vacuum

FWIW, if you're suffering from house-cleaning FOMO, you should grab this LG, ASAP. OK? (Photo: Walmart)
FWIW, if you're suffering from house-cleaning FOMO, you should grab this LG, ASAP. OK? (Photo: Walmart)

Sure, your vacuum-shopping adventures have probably had you looking at the likes of trendy hotshots like Dyson, Roomba and Shark, and legacy brands like Eureka, Hoover, and Bissell. But all that time, LG, the brand behind state-of-the-art electronics of all kinds, has had a kick-ass vacuum out there on the market, biding its time, just waiting to be awesome all over your home.

Well, here's your chance to go off the beaten path and to the top of the class (yeah, we're willing to mix metaphors for this deal — we're that excited!): Walmart is now offering LG's CordZero Cordless Stick Vac for just $330. That's a $170 markdown and over a third off the regular price of $500.

What more do you need to know? Lots. For one thing, LG's trademark Inverter Motor delivers 140AW suction. Got a particularly gnarly section of floor? One button sends the Cord Zero into Turbo mode. And all that power is available to you for up to 80 minutes. Power's such a priority with this model that it comes with two detachable batteries so you charge one while the other's on the job.

And there's nary a nook or cranny in you abode that'll be safe from its sucking power. The CordZero's adjustable, telescoping wand allows you to get up at those corner cobwebs, waaay back under the bed, armoire or sink, or into the darkest recesses of the forbidden zone (i.e., that hall closet you'd just assume never peer into). Conversely, when you need to get up close and personal with your household schmutz, the CordZero transforms into a hand vac. Time for a treasure hunt behind the couch cushions!

Its five-stage filtration system ensures that even the tiniest mote, mite or dustbunny won't be left behind. And cleanup is easy and thorough: The CordZero's filters and cyclone pop out for a simple, refreshing hand wash.

Finally, unlike so many other stick vacs, the CordZero has a portable charging stand. Which is not only makes storage a breeze but allows you to avoid drilling (and later having to spackle) holes in your walls. (Are you listening, apartment dwellers with security deposits you'd like to get back someday?)

We'll leave you with this typical — i.e., five-star — testimonial. "The LG vacuum is hands down the best floor cleaning device I've ever owned," said an elated customer. "I've had that other famous brand of vacuums for years and had just done the rugs the night before . I went over it with the LG not even on Turbo mode and it sucked up so much dog hair and sand I kind of felt dirty. Having two batteries is amazing but the charge lasts so long I have never needed the second one." She continues: "The different ends and configurations make cleaning literally anything a breeze. I've handed vacuum duties over to the 10-year-old because the unit is so solidly built I'm not worried he will break it... I've used it for two months now, and I'm sold. LG vacuums for life!"

$330 $500 at walmart

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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