Vietnamese doctor removes a worm nesting for a week in a man's ear

Video captured the moment a doctor in Vietnam removed a worm that had been nesting for a week in a man's ear.

According to the doctor in Da Nang, the man went to the hospital and said that his ear was very painful and that he felt something in his ear canal.

After using the endoscope to check, the doctor was surprised to see a worm nesting in the man's ear canal.

The worm had sealed the ear canal to make a nest, causing the man's ear canal to become infected and painful.

Doctors quickly numbed the worm with salt water and removed it from the man's ear.

After removing the worm, the doctor began to remove the nest it had made in the man's ear canal.

The doctor said that the man's ear canal was infected and needed several days to heal.

Also that it probably got into his ear when he climbed a tree to pick fruit last week.

The doctor advised the man to wear a hat when climbing a tree to prevent insects from getting into his ears, eyes or nose.

The video was filmed with the patient's permission.