Tortoise lodges itself under a side table

This is the hilarious moment that a tortoise lodges itself under a side table and walks along the hallway with it on its back - totally unfazed.

Hermann the tortoise had mooched in from the garden as part of her daily hunt for some cat food as a lunchtime snack.

But on her way to sourcing some grub, the 21-year-old pet crawled under a kitchen side-table and managed to her get shell wedged between two legs.

The hilarious video clip, filmed last month, shows Hermann continuing to plod through the house with the piece of furniture hitched on her back.

Hermann was found minutes later by her shocked owner, who had heard "non-stop screeching", as th tortoise dragged the table, when she was on a Zoom meeting.

The 53-year-old, who asked not to be identified, grabbed her phone to record the family pet before safely removing the chilled-out pet.

Hermann's owner, from Street, Somerset, said: "She's usually out in the garden but with the recent good weather I had the back door open.

"I've been working from home and was actually in a Zoom meeting when I heard this screeching noise.

"I initially thought 'What the hell can that be'?

"I went to check it out and saw her and the table moving at the same time!

"It was a pretty funny sight and she didn't seem in the least bit bothered by it.

"We've had her for 21 years and it's never happened before.

"It took a good 30 seconds to get her out of it. She managed to firmly get herself in there!

"There was a bit of paint scratched in the kitchen because of it but it's no big deal."