Teen had life-changing breast reduction that removed 15lbs of fat from her chest

A petite 18-year-old is pain free for the first time in years after chest reduction surgery on her 28EE breasts - to remove a staggering 15lb.

At just 5ft, Lilli Maki said her boobs left her in constant agony, and made her the butt of jokes and unwanted sexual attention.

The high school student had to wear TWO bras to just run or cheerlead, and said her underwear felt more like a straitjacket.

The schoolgirl - who is a size XS on her bottom half - begged her parents for breast reduction surgery when she was just 16.

The £7,000 op saw surgeons remove a whopping 15lb of flesh and fat, to reduce her chest by four cup sizes to a 28B.

Lilli, from Seattle, Washington, USA, said her self esteem and confidence has rocketed since the major surgery.

She said: "I remember being the butt of everyone's jokes - them mocking me about how I looked.

"Then, on the flipside, I was flooded with comments and messages about how 'hot' and 'older for my age' I looked as a minor.

"I was already an averagely small person, 5'0 in the 110-115lb range, so losing that much weight that fast was insane for my body.

"I felt like a brand new person because the weight was literally taken off my shoulders."

Lilli got her period when she was 13, and believed she was the last of all the girls she knew.

She said: "In the summer before seventh grade I randomly started developing boobs and it would pause for a while, but I was about a 32D by the end of seventh grade.

"Mind you, I stopped growing height-wise in the seventh grade, so at 5'0 tall, having that size chest was just not very proportionate."

By the time she was 15, she was a 32DDD and the extra weight was putting strain on her back and shoulders.

She said: "I had constant pain in my shoulders, my lower and upper back.

"My neck was constantly hurting from holding myself up all day. It was exhausting honestly.

"Not only was it draining for my body, but for my mind as well.

"I couldn't get away with wearing clothes most girls my age were wearing, and if I did, I got called names - not just from kids but from adults too.

"Physically, it was hard for me to enjoy being active. Running and cheerleading were the two main activities I had done, and I was never comfortable.

"I constantly felt held back by my boobs."

Teenager Lilli was also subject to predatory attacks from men as old as 50 who would hit on her or try to touch her breasts.

She said: "Having big boobs made me a huge target for unwanted attention from older guys particularly.

"They tried to be friendly or tell me 'you're so mature for your age'.

"It was so gross and uncomfortable but at the same time, I found my body disgusting so hearing that ANYONE liked it, almost made me feel good."

She was also subjected to taunts from fellow high school students.