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This unbeatable Oral-B duo toothbrush deal saves you £330

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This Oral-B electric toothbrush duo is reduced by hundreds of pounds. (Oral B/Yahoo Life UK)

Any dentist will tell you that an electric toothbrush is imperative to good dental hygiene. An electric brush is way more efficient at removing plaque to help prevent tooth decay. Plus, newer models often have a feature that warns you when you're pressing too hard, which helps to prevent gum recession.

If you're looking to up your toothbrush game this year, Oral-B is one of the most well-known electric brush brands in the world. Plus, their designs are all dentist-approved, to make sure they have all the features needed to keep your mouth healthy.

In recent years, Oral-B's toothbrushes have become increasingly high-tech, with many models now even use artificial intelligence to make sure you're not missing a spot. However, the latest designs aren't cheap, so we're always keeping our eye out for big deals.

Luckily, in the January sales, the Oral B iO6 Toothbrush Duo Pack, which has two brushes (ideal if you want to upgrade both your and your partner's brushes) is now reduced from £480 to £150 - that's a whopping £330 saving.

This electric toothbrush duo is reduced by more than £300 and boasts thousands of five-star reviews.

£150 at Oral B

Why we rate it

The Oral-B iO Series 6 electric toothbrush uses a feature the brand call Magnetic Drive, which is micro-vibrating bristles that produces controlled oscillation-rotations to ensure you get a powerful, yet gentle, clean every time.

The brush also has a Smart Pressure Sensor that signals red, white or green to alert you if you’re brushing either too hard or too softly to better protect your gums.

Oral-B's Magnetic Drive technology efficiently concentrates energy at the bristle tips for an effective clean. (Oral-B)
The brush comes with a motion sensor, as well as a easy to use display. (Oral-B)

The interactive display is easy to use and allows you to choose from five settings: Daily Clean, Sensitive, Gum Care, Intense Clean and Whitening.

The display also shows a two minute real-time brushing timer, so you can be certain you’re brushing your teeth for the correct amount of time. As an additional bonus, a smiley face greets you at the end of your daily clean, to reward you for a job well done.

The latest iO series of brushes all use a breakthrough technology of AI Brushing Recognition. Simply download the Oral-B app onto your phone and make sure your Bluetooth is enabled to gain insights into your brushing style like never before.

The iO series uses artificial intelligence to give you personalised brushing guidance. (Oral-B)
This high-tech brush is dentist approved and has over £300 off a duo set right now. (Oral-B)

Oral B iO6 Duo Pack | £150 (Was £480) Oral B iO6 Single Brush | £130 (Was £300)

The app will track your brushing technique and act as your daily coach, giving you personalised guidance, based on data from your everyday routine.

Never know when it's time to change the toothbrush head? The clever Oral-B brush will even let you know when it's time to put on a new one (which is usually around every three months).

We've done our research and can also confirm that purchasing the Oral B iO6 toothbrush duo directly from the Oral-B website is an unbeatable deal. The same duo set is also stocked at Boots, where it's also reduced, but only from £480 to £205 (that's a £275 saving).

Even if you were to buy one Oral B iO6 Electric Toothbrush right now it would set you back £130 (reduced from £300) from either Boots, Amazon or direct from Oral-B. So, the fact that for an extra £20 you are able to bag two brushes is an absolutely unbeatable deal in our eyes.

What the reviews say

There's over 3,900 five-star reviews from shoppers who picked up this duo at Boots - here's a snippet of what they had to say.

  • "Got this is in the sale, still expensive, but worth every penny. You feel that you have just been to the hygienist every time you clean your teeth."

  • "Purchase was an upgrade to my previous electric standard brush. Massive difference noticed after using the iO6 - teeth more cleaner looking/feeling. Less plaque build up. Would recommend. I purchased when product was on offer so saved a huge amount."

  • "Great toothbrush - really improves brushing - I had used the io4 but this has a nice improvement on telling you what areas you may have missed."

  • "Can’t believe how fantastic a toothbrush can be. My husband needed a new electric toothbrush..purchased for him he kept saying how fantastic it was and I needed one! So I bought one! It is sooo fantastic. Would say to anyone if you can afford one get one."

  • "Excellent toothbrush, easy to set up and use, definitely a superior clean."

Shop now: Oral B iO6 White Alabaster & Pink Sand Electric Toothbrush Duo Pack | £150 (Was £480) from Oral B

£150 £480 at Oral B £205 £480 at Boots