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Snap up Ninja's 'genius' combined oven and air fryer while it's on sale

(Ninja / Yahoo Life UK)
Don't hang around, this brand-new multi-cooker from Ninja is selling fast. (Ninja / Yahoo Life UK)

It's not everyday you find a multi-functioning kitchen device with 12 versatile cooking modes, various accessories and an impressive 4.9 star rating on sale. So you can imagine our excitement when we saw this epic deal on Ninja's brand-new Combi Multi-Cooker, Oven & Air Fryer.

Usually costing £279.99, this versatile piece of kit is now on sale for a reduced price of £229. That's a generous £50 saving, don't mind if we do!

Featuring the multi-cooker itself, complete with four accessories and a handy recipe guide, this is a gadget too good to miss.

And we've done our due diligence, this is one of the cheapest deals out there right now. At Argos, Lakeland and Currys, the Ninja multi-cooker is still full-price. While at John Lewis, it's also been reduced to £229.99.

Transform your cooking routine with this impressive multi-cooker from Ninja that is a multi-cooker, air fryer and oven in one. It comes complete with a variety of cooking modes, dishwasher-safe accessories and generous 12.5 litre capacity. 

£229 at Ninja

For starters, this clever device merges all your cooking needs into one, as it combines a multi-cooker, air fryer, and oven. So, if you're currently juggling various appliances, this all-in-one solution is sure to be a game changer. You will probably never want to use your convection oven or hob again.

This smart piece of cooking tech comes with an innovative door with a easy-to-use touch screen side panel that lists all of the device's pre-set cooking functions, the temperature, time, multi-use modes and more.

Thanks to its versatility, it helps you cook multiple dishes at once (even using frozen ingredients) for worry-free, three-part family meals in as little as 15 minutes. In fact, Ninja claims it cooks meals up to 50% faster than a conventional oven and can cook a whole roast beef joint, potatoes, onions and carrots for four in just over an hour.

The large 12.5 litre capacity makes it the perfect choice for families, allowing you to cook both your mains and sides simultaneously using the removable, slot-in trays.

Perfect for those with little kitchen space, it'll replace your microwave, oven and more. (Ninja)
Cook up entire family meals, from pasta bakes with garlic bread to full roasts. (Ninja)

£229 £279.99 at Ninja £229.99 £279.99 at John Lewis

  1. Air Fry

  2. Bake

  3. Sear/Sauté

  4. Slow Cook

  5. Reheat

  6. Grill

  7. Combi Meals

  8. Combi Crisp

  9. Combi Bake

  10. Steam

  11. Rice/Pasta

  12. Prove

As for the clean up, it couldn't be easier. The combi pan, bake tray and crisper plate that are included are non-stick and dishwasher safe, so simply throw it in the dishwasher once you're doing cooking.

Cooking for the entire family has never been easier. (Ninja)
  • Ninja Combi 12-in-1 Multi-Cooker, Oven & Air Fryer

  • Combi Cooker Bake Tray

  • Combi Cooker Pan Crisper Tray

  • Instruction Booklet

  • Inspiration Guide

Rated an impressive 4.9 out of five stars over on Ninja's website, there's certainly no shortage of praise for this multi-functioning kitchen appliance.

  • "Perfect appliance for me. I have a small kitchen and this one machine has now given me back space as I don’t need the standalone air fryer and microwave I had!"

  • "Very versatile which has impressed me. It has a modern design and looks to be built well. The digital panel is very simple to navigate around. It has a glass window and light so you can check the progress of the food whilst cooking. I've only cooked a few meals and so far [and] all have been spot on. The accessories are non-stick and are a dream to clean."

  • "An excellent product that cuts the time to cook in half at least as well as saving energy this reducing my carbon footprint."

  • "Absolutely love this product. I have the Ninja Speedi, but this takes it to the next level. Easy to use and clean. Perfect for me."

  • "Really good machine with lots of functions. Like the combi meal option, and it makes a good roast, we fitted a large chicken with potatoes and carrots. First Ninja that has made a successful cake. Still exploring all of the options but so far so good."

  • "Fantastic machine, it has sped up cooking times to a fraction compared to a traditional oven. Cleaning the multi-cooker is very easy and it was great price."

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