Mum left red-faced after giving kid wrong answer to simple question

This parent tried to help her first grader (which is for six to seven-year-old kids in the US) with a maths problem, only to get the answer hilariously wrong!

Krista (@autismoma) is a TikToker who loves to share parenting stories with other viewers on the video platform. Krista often has a great sense of humour, and frequently jokes about her parenting struggles.

In one video, she shared the hilariously relatable story of how she gave her son the wrong answer to a maths problem during one of his Zoom lessons.

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Krista recalls how she recently listened in on one of her son’s Zoom lessons. She heard the teacher giving the students a math problem to solve, and decided she wanted to help her son out.

“The question asked of the kids was this: ‘If you have 75 cookies, how many more do you need to get to 100?’” Krista recalls. “And my son, if you’ve been following along, you know that he’s developmentally delayed, so he would not know that answer.”

Krista decided to help her son by telling him the answer. Unfortunately for both mother and son, Krista got a little bit mixed up.

“I told him the answer was 15 because I was sure that was the answer,” Krista explains.

Holding back her laughter, Krista recalls how her son eagerly raised his hand to give the teacher the “correct” answer.

She explains, “So my poor little guy, he pipes up with his hand up, and he goes, ‘The answer is 15.’ And his sweet teacher goes, ‘Oh, that’s a good try, but it’s 25, honey.’”

Viewers found Krista’s mathematical mix-up extremely relatable, and jumped into the comments section to share their sympathy - and their own struggles with helping their children with schoolwork.

“My son is in the first grade. We are as lost as he is,” one TikToker wrote.

“I fail every day at my son’s 1st grade work,” another viewer responded.

Another encouraging TikToker commented, “Poor baby. Keep your head up, mama, and have some more coffee! And maybe give that boy a cookie!”

Krista might not be “smarter than a 1st grader,” but fortunately, it doesn’t take amazing maths skills to be a great mum!