Mum mortified to discover her thong has been stuck to her child’s velcro shoe all day

A mum is going viral for her hilarious underwear mishap, and TikTok is dying of secondhand embarrassment.

Mum and TikToker, Gracie Noe (@gracienoe) recorded the moment she learned about the shocking incident — and since uploading the footage, she has gained over 8 million views and 20 thousand comments.

But it wasn’t just a case of misplaced underwear that had Gracie turning red. It was the way her child explained the situation to her teachers that really curled Gracie’s toes.

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In the video, Gracie films her face as her daughter’s horrifying story unfolds — and as one commenter observed, it’s like “watching [her] go through the five stages of grief.”

Gracie’s daughter explains, “I was gonna walk to class when a teacher, and I saw a teacher, and they said, ‘There’s something on your shoe honey.’”

She continues, “And then I stomped all the way to the principal and said, ‘This is my mum’s underwear. Our house is messy.’ And she said, ‘Just put it in your pocket.’”

“And then I got to class, and I said, ‘This was on my shoe this morning,’ and I showed them the underwear, and she said to put it in my backpack,” she concludes.

Gracie summed up her feelings in the caption, “Currently looking for a new school for my 6-year-old. #whyshedomelikethat #sendhelp”

‘This story gets funnier every single time I listen to it’

TikTokers flooded Gracie’s comment section with hilarious reactions.

“Kids are the biggest b*** busters. ‘Our house is messy.’ Was that necessary information?!” one parent laughed.

“I’m dying. She repped it like show n tell,” another parent wrote.

“I promise you the teachers cracked up at that in the best way. You’re a legend,” a teacher shared.

“This story gets funnier every single time I listen to it,” laughed another parent.

“I would simply pass away,” another user wrote.

“Time to homeschool,” suggested another user.

“She told all the business. I’m mortified for ya,” one empathetic user wrote.

When it comes to kids, you truly never know what they’re going to do or say — or what strange things they’ll pull out of their pockets next!