Mum is horrified when hospital brings wrong baby not once, but twice

A mum nearly experienced a “switched at birth” scenario - not once, but twice - and her terrifying story is going viral.

Mum and TikToker Becky Martin (@becky.0121) gained more than 3 million views and 7,000 comments when she shared the details of her chilling experiences after giving birth.

Unlike this mum who intentionally switched out her baby to see if her husband would notice, Becky and her husband definitely weren’t laughing.

The video starts with the prompt, “If you discovered that your two-year-old child was not actually yours because of a mix-up at the hospital…” 

To this, Becky replies, “So I actually have had my babies switched by the hospital. Not once, but twice. Now, it didn’t get to the point of them being two years old. It was immediately noticed and corrected, but still…”

Becky then goes on to recount the shudder-inducing details of her experiences. 

“With my first, they wheeled in a baby boy and they were like, ‘We fed your baby for you,’ and I was like, ‘I’m breastfeeding?!’ And they were like, ‘Oh, sorry, wrong baby!’” she recalls.

“With my second, they wheeled in a baby girl, and they were like, ‘Here’s your daughter.’ And we said, ‘She’s already in the room with us!’” she continues.

“So with our third, we did not let that baby leave. And of course, they fought us on it. The charge nurse came in and said, ‘We have to take that baby out to do testing.’ And I said, ‘Well, you can either do it in my room, or I’ll accompany you to the lab, or we’ll do it at his first doctor’s appointment,'” Becky recounts.

‘I find it crazy that they remove the baby from your room in the USA…’

TikTokers by the thousands weighed in on Becky’s comment section.

“Are you kidding? Twice?? Imagine all the parents out there who have the WRONG child and don’t even know it,” one user wrote.

“The audacity of the doctor even making a joke about it,” another user commented.

“As a nurse, I’d never make fun of a parent’s wishes/concerns/preferences even if I don’t agree with them. Super unprofessional,” added another user.

“I find it crazy that they remove the baby from your room in the USA. In the UK the baby literally doesn’t leave your side unless they are in the NICU,” wrote one user.

Becky’s now-viral TikTok serves as an important cautionary tale to all patients: No matter what you’re in the hospital for, always self-advocate, even if you get some pushback from the staff. It might make all the difference!