Full-scale £113m Titanic ship replica is under construction in China

A full-scale Titanic ship replica costing around £113m is under construction at a landlocked theme park in southern China.

Drone footage filmed in the county of Daying in Sichuan Province on October 21 shows a 269.06-metre-long and 28.19-metre-wide life-size replica of the RMS Titanic ship replica temporarily dormant on the dock gathering rust.

The model ship began construction in May 2014 and a trial operation was expected in October 2020. But the construction work stopped due to a variety of reasons.

According to reports, the investor named Su Shaojun was inspired by the movie Titanic.

The workers said the construction work has started again now and it was expected to be put into use in two or three years.

The interior of the ship will set up with a banquet hall, a theatre, a luxury first-class, an observation deck and a swimming pool to reproduce the luxurious setting in the Titanic.

The price of staying on the ship will be around £340 per night.