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Don't miss out on 100 Finish dishwasher tablets for just £11 at Amazon

Finish dishwasher tablets are on sale on Amazon right now. (Finish / Yahoo Life UK)
Finish dishwasher tablets are on sale on Amazon right now. (Finish / Yahoo Life UK)

Our job here at Yahoo is to find the biggest and best deals on offer from the nation's favourite retailers, including Amazon, John Lewis, M&S and more. The latest deal we've spotted? A 100-pack of Finish dishwasher tablets for just £11.67 from Amazon, perfect for your spring cleaning plans.

A steal as far as good quality dishwasher tablets go, you'll want to snap these up fast — as we have a feeling they won't hang around for long.

🛍️ Product on sale: Finish Quantum Infinity Shine Dishwasher Tablets Pack of 100
💰 Best deal we've found: Save over £15 on this bulk buy, £11.67 down from £27
⭐ Average star rating: 4.6 out of 5
🛒 Reasons to buy: Great value, long-lasting, rated highly by shoppers

Why we rate it

Rated 4.6 out of 5 for a reason, these dishwasher tablets last ages (three months, if you run your dishwasher once a day) and supercharge your machine, leaving cutlery, plates, and glassware gleaming.

A step up from your standard Finish All in One Tablets (£12), these feature a Glass Protect technology which effectively protects your glasses, keeping them sparkling for longer.

Aside from removing stains, they can also prevent silverware corrosion, cut through grease quickly and protect your machine from limescale build-up. Let's just say that as far as dishwasher tablets go, they're top-tier.

Get a deep clean and sparkling shine for less with this bulk bag of 100 tablets from Finish. 

£11 at Amazon

Not just that, Finish claim they can remove tough stains first time around.

In terms of price comparison, Amazon's price can't be matched right now, with the same bag of dishwasher tablets costing £29 at Ocado.

A slightly smaller pack of 83 tablets are also on sale, down from £26 to £13. But for even less you can get an additional 17 tablets if you opt for the bigger bag.

At Sainsbury's, an even smaller pack with just 47 tablets will set you back £8. But for an extra few pounds, you might as well nab the 100 bulk buy for an additional 53 tablets.

What the reviews say

Need more convincing? Amazon shoppers have awarded this extra-large pack a 4.6 star rating, with over 26,000 reviews.

One shopper described the tablets as "great value", while another loyal customer said they're one of the best dishwasher tablets they've ever used.

Many shoppers have also commented on the refreshing scent that gives everything a "nice clean smell", while also providing an "excellent finish".

Shop now: Finish Quantum Infinity Shine Dishwasher Tablets Pack of 100 | £11.67 (Was £27) from Amazo

£11.67 £27 at Amazon £29 at Ocado

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