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Dunelm's hanging egg chair is my favourite garden buy and now at its lowest price ever

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After three months of trialling one of the most popular hanging egg chairs on the market, here are my honest thoughts. Spoiler: I get the hype. (Yahoo Life UK)

Hanging egg chairs have always been a sort of itch I've wanted to scratch, but never quite got round to striking off my list. First soaring in popularity during lockdown, they've since become a permanent fixture in most people's gardens and, from what I had heard, for good reason. Hailed by shoppers as "the best way to relax", I found myself questioning whether they were as comfortable as people said they were, a good investment, and — ultimately — worth the hype.

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Now, after what's been three months of trialling one of the most popular models on the market, Dunelm's Singapore Hanging Egg Chair, I can truthfully say, I get the hype. And I'm not the only one immensely impressed with it, other shoppers have described it as "seriously good", "great value for money" and "fabulously relaxing".

Transforming my courtyard from shabby to chic, this outdoor piece of furniture has given my garden space a new lease of life just by sitting charmingly in the corner. Not just providing an added dimension of design, it's issued extra seating (albeit just for one person — me) and complemented the rest of my garden furniture beautifully.

On the whole, it's now one of my favourite household purchases ever, and I can't recommend it enough, especially at the now reduced price of just £139.30. Cost per use on this, particularly through summer, is going to be through the roof. Here's why it should definitely be on your radar.

🛍️ Product reviewed: Singapore Hanging Egg Chair
Tested for: Three months
Rating: 5/5
💸 Reasons to buy: Incredibly comfortable, stylish addition to garden, more affordable than other models, fast delivery
Reasons to avoid: No cover included, not suitable for extra small outdoor spaces
💰 Best deal we've found: Get it on sale for just £139.30 down from £199 direct from Dunelm with free delivery

Sit back and relax in style this summer with this hugely popular pick from Dunelm. One of the most affordable hanging egg chairs available. 

£139 at Dunelm

Above anything else, this chair is exceptionally stylish. Designed with the same trendy, bohemian-style rattan that's everywhere right now, it instantly transformed my courtyard from shabby to chic.

As someone with an eye for detail, I loved the hand-woven touch, and was a big fan of the beige rattan against the powdercoated black steel frame.

Then there's the all-important topic of comfort. I can wholeheartedly say that this is one of the comfiest pieces of furniture — indoor or outdoor — I've ever sat on. Complete with a snug chair cushion that's been ergonomically designed to give you ample support and hug each curve of the rattan shell, it even comes with a coordinating headrest for optimum comfort.

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Complete your garden set-up with this chic hanging egg chair. (Yahoo Life UK)
(Yahoo Life UK)
Super comfortable, it comes with a removable chair cushion and coordinating headrest. (Yahoo Life UK)
(Yahoo Life UK)
At £199, this is easily one of the cheapest egg chairs on the market. (Yahoo Life UK)

£139.30 £199 at Dunelm

As for the assembly, it was pretty plain-sailing. To assemble the egg chair, it's definitely a two-person job. Admittedly, my other half did the majority of the work while I "supervised", but there were a couple of instances where I was needed. The actual shell of chair is made up of three parts, we had to work together to position and match them up, while one of us reached for the required screws (which come included) to secure the bolts together. Otherwise it was quite a simple set-up, taking around an hour in total.

I was slightly concerned whether the egg chair would be stable over my concrete/stone patio, but with some adjusting it sat perfectly. The weight of the chair helped with this, making it look and feel premium and, quite frankly, a lot more expensive than it is.

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I can't express how comfortable this egg chair is. (Yahoo Life UK)

Design, comfort and practicality aside, as far as egg chairs go, this pick from Dunelm is mega affordable. At a reduced cost of just £139.30 down from £199, it's easily one of the cheapest egg chairs on the market, with similar models from Argos, Homebase and John Lewis costing anywhere between £250 and £400.

I also have to commend the delivery, it was immensely fast. I placed my order with Dunelm on a Thursday, and it was on my doorstep the following Tuesday.

All in all, I can hardly fault Dunelm's Singapore Hanging Egg Chair, and can't wait to sit back and relax in style this summer (preferably with a cocktail in hand).

Not personally a reason to avoid, but something to consider — it's big! I was quite surprised upon delivery at the sheer size of the egg chair. Luckily for me, it fitted wonderfully in the corner of my courtyard, but for those with smaller outdoor spaces, balconies or terraces perhaps, I would triple-check the dimensions to ensure it's not too big for your space.

My only other gripe with this egg chair is that it doesn't come with a cover. I've noticed this is common across the board when it comes to hanging egg chairs from a number of other major retailers. But Dunelm has since started stocking the cover that you can buy separately.

The egg chair is currently only available through Dunelm, where it's hit the sale for a discounted price of just £139.30. Historically, this egg chair has never seen a price drop this big, making this a deal too good to miss.

Shop now: Singapore Hanging Egg Chair | £139.30 (Was £199) from Dunelm

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