Dua Lipa re-designs her dance routines because she keeps slipping on sweat

Dua Lipa performs at AccorHotels Arena on May 15, 2022 in Paris, France
The Grammy-award winning popstar admitted she has fallen over 'quite a few times' during rehearsals for live performances - David Wolff - Patrick

Dua Lipa has been forced to redesign some of her energetic dance routines because she keeps slipping on her dancers’ sweat.

The Grammy-award winning popstar, 28, admitted she has fallen over “quite a few times” during rehearsals for live performances.

Speaking to the SiriusXM Morning Mash Up series, she said: “I fell over on my tour, I think once in Barcelona, once in Milan on the same spot, and it was just the hottest week in Europe.

“And so some of my dancers were just sweating a little bit extra. And so I slipped on a little sweat puddle and we kind of had to change the choreo so I don’t get a little puddle of sweat right where I’m about to start dancing.

The Houdini singer, who will headline at Glastonbury next month, added: “It’s all part of the experience. You got to get a little bruised.”

Dua Lipa performs onstage during iHeartRadio 102.7 KIIS FM's Jingle Ball 2022
Lipa is known for her spotlessly choreographed dance routines - Kevin Winter

A clip of her falling over in May 2022 while singing ‘Be The One’ on her Future Nostalgia tour in Milan has racked up more than 160,000 views on YouTube, but she was unhurt and continued performing seamlessly.

Lipa is now well-known for her spotlessly choreographed dance routines while performing after a 2018 video of her dancing went viral and led to accusations that she was “lazy” on-stage.

The memes that were reproduced to mock her dancing had hit a nerve for the performer, who admitted to Rolling Stone this year that she had found the episode “really painful”.

“I was like ‘I’m finally getting to do something that I love to do, and I’m being shut down, that I just can’t seem to do anything right,’” she added.

But since then, Lipa’s athletic choreography routines have become synonymous with her lively stage performances of her dance-pop anthems.

Radical Optimism

She has also recently tried her hand in Hollywood after starring in the action and comedy film Argylle opposite Henry Cavill and John Cena.

However, she admitted on SiriusXM that her onscreen work was not as much of a priority as her music career, which has just seen the release of her third studio album - titled Radical Optimism - to great fanfare.

Asked when her next film project is coming, the Londoner said: “I have no idea…I’m so focused on music that I just don’t know if film is really the route that I want to go down.

“I’m not sure. I loved it [Argylle] and had so much fun, but I’m so focused on music and the tour that I can’t even imagine [doing more].”

A world tour for Radical Optimism is lined up with a few shows beginning next month around Europe.

‘Amphitheatre shows’

She said: “These shows that I’m doing this year, it’s like a festival run and a small kind of special amphitheater shows that I’m doing around Europe.”

Lipa teased that she will have more dates announced “soon.”

Asked about her favourite films of all time, the singer chose the Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts romance Notting Hill as well as the sci-fi adventure epic Interstellar starring Matthew McConaughey.

Discussing Argylle’s mixed reviews, she responded: “I kind of don’t care. I also just got to let everything happen.

“It doesn’t really affect me unless it’s something that I don’t know completely goes against something that I believe in.

“There are so many stories, whether I’ve dated someone or whatever, that’s just not true. But I don’t care enough to just say - it’ll be a bigger story for me to try and debunk it.”