Dozens of parakeets visit woman every day

These parakeets flock to the same balcony every day in Pune, India.

Radhika Sonawane feeds dozens of birds every morning and evening.

The banker says the birds bring her joy: "The number is increasing day-by-day…like 30-35-40 and there are two types of parrots, Indian ringneck and an Alexandrine parakeet. So, earlier, the Indian ringneck used to come but later on Alexandrine parakeet, they started coming in large numbers. So, nowadays, they come every day. And in terms of relation, there is some kind of bond I have developed with them."

"I observed and learned how to offer peanuts or food to them so that they will get comfortable but everyone is not comfortable...there are two-three friendly parrots who just like to be hand-fed but the speciality is that they don't prefer the feeder then, they only prefer the hand-feeding once they get used to it. So that's the special part about it."