Couple on plane quietly lose it when stranger’s toddler starts stroking wife’s arm

This adorable moment is brought to you by a couple who couldn’t contain their laughter when a stranger’s baby, sitting behind them, kept petting the woman’s arm on a plane

TikToker Kara Saba (@kara.bouu) shared a hilarious video of her and her boyfriend laughing hysterically on a flight when the baby seated behind Saba started to stroke her arm.

“Her name was Adeline, and I hope her mum sees this,” Saba captioned the clip, which begins with footage of her in the window seat while a tiny hand reaches from behind and strokes her arm. Saba adjusts the camera to reveal her and her boyfriend in fits of giggles. 

Their quiet cackling intensifies as the baby continues to pat and rub Saba’s arm as though it’s a new plush toy. 

Viewers couldn’t help but take part in the moment’s innocent humour and the fun-loving couple’s infectious enthusiasm. 

“Ohh my my my. What lotion is this? So smooth. -Baby,” one TikTok user teased. 

Others were impressed by the couple’s positive attitude regarding the slight interruption.

“You guys are too cool about this. I would’ve lost it. I need to learn from you saints!!!” one user applauded. 

“Thank you for being kind and having a good nature,” remarked another viewer. 

“Love the way you’re laughing! Some people can get so mean,” noted one person. 

Between busy airports, long security lines, and cramped airplanes, flying is tough enough as it is. Throw children into the mix, and the experience can feel even more stressful. 

Getting children to behave themselves while sitting for hours on a flight can feel like an uphill battle. Fortunately, videos like this one show that friendly fliers appreciate and take humour in children’s quirks.