Australian man tests out magpie-repelling helmet

A man has tested out a newly-designed helmet to fend off swooping magpies in Albury, New South Wales.

Alister Laidlaw recorded a video showing himself trying out the new helmet, which has multiple 3D printed eyeballs attached to it, while riding his bike. 

Laidlaw counted five swooping attempts by local magpies in under 30 seconds.

"OK, he does not like the eyes. Definitely made him madder," Laidlaw says in the video.

Laidlaw said he used a spring clip mechanism that allows the eyeballs to move and "mimic a predator to prevent the Magpies from swooping."

According to PETA Australia, magpies are more likely to swoop during Spring, which is nesting season. The organisation said around 10% of breeding male magpies swoop on humans.