Aussie woman wakes up with Irish accent after tonsil surgery

A woman from Queensland is documenting her journey on TikTok after she said she woke up with an Irish accent following surgery on her tonsils at the end of April.

Angela Yen, 27, told Storyful that she had a tonsillectomy on April 19, and was shocked 10 days later when she found herself speaking in an Irish accent.

“I’ve never been to Ireland. I grew up in Australia and had an Aussie accent for the last 20 years since I moved here when I was eight years old,” she said.

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, a science communicator, said in a TikTok video that Yen may have foreign accent syndrome, a rare speech disorder that causes the person with it to sound like they are speaking with an accent from another country.

In her most recent update, Yen hit back at a skeptical commenter, documenting the amount she could end up spending in medical bills while trying to get her Australian accent back.