A mum was left shocked after a frog hopped out of her bag of supermarket spinach

A mum was left shocked after a live frog hopped out of her bag of supermarket spinach. 

The 40-year-old was preparing a meal for her family and was washing the £1.90 of Aldi spinach when she said the slimy amphibian leaped into the basin of the kitchen sink. 

The mum-of-four called on family members before grabbing her phone to video the unexpected visitor. 

Footage shows the dark green frog sitting in the family's kitchen sink in West Lothian, Scotland, before it was released outside. 

The woman said: "I'm horrified. I am never buying anything from Aldi again - or spinach in general." 

Her daughter, 22, added: "My mum got the fright of her life. "It was just hopping up and down. 

"She hadn't noticed the frog at first. 

"It was so small you could fit it in your palm. 

"She emptied the contents of the spinach in a bowl to wash it. 

"Then it hopped out into the sink. 

"We left in there for a few hours before taking it outside." 

An Aldi spokesperson said: "While extremely rare, issues like this are possible with products grown outdoors in natural conditions. 

"We have apologised and offered the customer a full refund."