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25 incredibly cool Valentine's Day gifts for him

You don't have a lot of time left, but if you're stumped for gift ideas for your special guy, we've got you covered with 25 fantastic options. We consulted Christine Lusita, a TV host, design expert, and author who reports on lifestyle trends for Good Morning America, Today and other national TV shows, for her best shopping tips. "There's such a variety in gifts available online, from price points to relationship types to inspiration," says Lusita. "I think what's available on the internet and how we can get it at lightning speed makes it easy to be thoughtful and show you care this season."

So what does Lusita recommend? "When shopping for Valentine's gifts this year smaller is better. Aim for meaningful gifts that show you paid attention and you’re connected with your partner's needs and wants," she says. If your guy mentioned he could use a new pan, for instance, pick him a new one for Valentine's Day! Or maybe you've noticed his pajamas are looking worn. Time for a new set! Does he lose his keys often? An AirTag keychain would be a thoughtful gift.

Gifts inspired by authenticity and heartfelt connections are another great way to go. Something sentimental like custom artwork or an engraved flask is nice. If you've got a fun-loving guy, light saber chopsticks or a Lego set make perfect presents. Check out all our top options for Valentine's Day gifts for him and find your man something he'll love.

Put your top three tracks on display with this retro piece he's sure to love. Whether it's "your" song, the tune you hum together or a first wedding dance, nostalgic guys will love remembering the musical moments from your life together. Choose from small ($85) or large ($115) sizes and opt for blue, clear, green, pink, and red. It's the perfect personalized gift if your guy is into making playlists but remembers crafting the perfect mixtape.

A new hoodie — a staple of many men's wardrobes — is a practical and much-appreciated Valentine's Day gift. Get it in red and it's on theme with the holiday! This Amazon Essentials zip-up hoodie features warm sherpa lining and sturdy construction. Bonus: the affordable price point. And over 22,000 reviewers agree that it's a great buy. One happy customer sums it up: "It fits well, warms quickly and is effectively the warmest and most useful winter hoodie I've found so far! Amazon genuinely nailed this one!" And you'll nail Valentine's Day when you present this hoodie to your chilly man.

A perfect present for someone with a sweet tooth or an out-of-town lover, Mouth's Wedge of My Heart snack box can be shipped anywhere. It includes indulgent treats like salami, artisan cheese, vanilla smoked chocolate, fig preserves, carmelized pecans, crisps, and more. There's also a larger size box for $147. Hot tip: use the items to create your own Valentine's Day charcuterie board and have a special night in with your loved one.

A perfect option for the kid-at-heart, this Lego Icons set includes everything needed to create a cool bouquet that your love can display forever. There are 15 "snapdragons," "roses," "poppies" and other colorful plastic blooms. For an elevated touch, get a vase to go with the finished flowers.

The set gets a solid 5 stars on Amazon, with over 11,000 stellar reviews from verified buyers. "These Lego flowers were amazing!" raves one reviewer. "I purchased them for my fiancé for Christmas, and we had such a fun time building them together!"

You probably won't find a more interesting box of chocolates than Vosges' Love Frequency Red Energy, and Lusita recommends this gift. "I love that the chocolate is infused," she says.

Say what? The treats are infused with "the same frequency as the sistrum, a musical instrument from Egypt used for ceremony and healing," according to Vosges. Vosges created this confection collection to highlight the divine masculine, so what better way to show appreciation for the man in your life? 16 truffles incorporate wild strawberry, Ancho chili, yuzu and mascarpone cheese, and Sicilian pistachio flavors for a spicy sensory experience.

This is one gift that he didn't know he needed! Toss an iPhone, Galaxy, AirPods, or other electronics into this valet tray and they'll charge right up. "No losing keys anymore with 'his' dedicated area," remarks Lusita. The tray keeps everything he needs in one spot, providing a great place to keep keys, change, chapstick, and more. The Qi-Certified 10w charging function can power up two devices at once, which is very convenient — maybe your phone will find a spot too!

"The product is well built, they have a good choice of colors to choose from, and it looks perfect on my nightstand," comments one Amazon reviewer. "It's not too large, but big enough to hold everything I need. I love the ability to charge multiple items including my phone and watch. I now have one stylish place to put everything including my phone, watch, jewelry, etc..... and I no longer have to look at a messy nightstand."

We bet your guy hasn't thought of buying himself this flight set! A fun gift for any beer aficionado, pour different drafts into the four glasses and place them in the wood carrier for a brewery experience at home. Hot tip: pair with a selection of his favorite IPAs, add a couple of bar snacks and make a night of it.

Pickleball is a hot trend in sports, and if your dude is into it, he'll love his very own equipment. Choose two paddles from the company's four modern designs, then add a box of balls and a tour bag. He'll have everything he needs to up his game on the court. He might be so happy that he invites you to be his doubles partner. (It's OK to politely decline!)

If your guy knows his way around the kitchen — or just loves breakfast food — this waffle maker is the way to go. Does a cuter breakfast exist than a stack of heart-shaped waffles? No, it does not. And now you can make them for your love (or he can make them for you) whenever you want. That's a Valentine's Day gift that keeps on giving. For extra points whip up a batch of heart waffles and present breakfast in bed to your valentine.

"Husband is obsessed," writes one Amazon reviewer of NBA 2K22. If you need a way to get your husband out of your hair — or just want to gift your guy something fun to do — this is the game. And if you play video games too? Score! Play together as a fun way to unwind. Available for the Nintendo Switch and other gaming consoles including Playstation and Xbox.

Panasonic has partnered with luxury toiletries purveyor Molton Brown to create the ultimate travel — or every day — toiletry kit. The star of the show is Panasonic's new MultiShape hair trimmer (complete with battery base and attachments), but your love will also appreciate the electric toothbrush and the threeSimplified-piece bath and shower gel collection. "Simplified and perfect, this all-in-one travel kit tells your guy 'I see you and I'm here to help make travel easy and convenient'" says Lusita.

Your dude can exercise his beautiful brain with the brand-new Rubik's Re-Cube, a recycled-plastic version of the classic puzzle. Twist and turn the Re-Cube until the sides are the same colors. It makes a fun gift idea for the guy who enjoys having something to fidget with. "I love how smoothly the Rubik's Cube still turns and this one is lightweight so it's great for on-the-go," writes one happy Amazon reviewer.

This is a very cool Valentine's Day gift for the man who loves enjoying a good drink with good pals in the great outdoors. (That's a lot of men.) Customize the insulated, stainless steel Firelight Flask for a personal touch. The tumbler attaches to the flask magnetically so it stays together, just like you and your love. And it won't leak in his bag. Bonus: the Firelight 375 is designed to share, so fill it up with his favorite beverage or cocktail and enjoy it together. Pairs well with campfires.

Sugarwish is stepping up their Valentine's Day gifting, so you can too! Your recipient can choose from an array of thoughtful gifts, from candles, wine, candy, or flowers. Choose your Luxe Sugarwish size (from $35 for small to $99 for Deluxe) and send; Sugarwish will handle the rest. This is the perfect choice for the more particular guy. Bonus: shipping is included in the cost.

Give your sexy stargazer a view he won't forget. The Dartwood Astronomical Telescope provides 15X to 150X magnification and 360-degree rotation. It's portable and includes multiple eyepieces for the perfect adjustments and magnification.

"I have wanted a telescope for many, many years and this one made my dreams come true with its affordability, portability, and easy assembly," comments one Target customer. Bonus: stargazing makes for a very romantic date.

If your guy is always losing his keys this AirTag leather key chain is a no-brainer. Show him you see his struggles with a solution to this pesky issue! An Apple AirTag is not included, but that would be a great addition to this gift if your valentine doesn't already have the handy little trackers. This Target review sums it up: "Fantastic! This Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring is the king." Get one for your king today!

There's definitely room for two under this giant blanket. It's from Big Blanket Co., after all, and that's kind of their thing. The new XL Outdoorsy Blanket is perfect for snuggling up in the great outdoors, wherever your love enjoys posting up. Patio? Great. Campfire sing-a-long? Fabulous. Tailgate party? Yes. Measuring an impressive 8' x 8', this water-resistant, packable blanket can go anywhere your dude goes. And it'll make things that much more comfortable.

A relaxed fit, ample pockets, a touch of stretch, and a sweet heart design make these sleep pants a delightful Valentine's Day gift. He'll want to wear them all year and he can, because they're pajamas. And at under $10, the price is certainly right! Take it from this satisfied Walmart customer: "This is an excellent pair of sleep pants. The pants feature a pocket on both sides and a drawstring to keep them tight around the waist."

Make anything into a screen with Kodak's Luma 150 Ultra Mini Pocket Projector. This small but mighty gadget includes a rechargeable battery that provides 2.5 hours of life per charge. "Your guy will feel seen and heard with this projector," says Lusita of this gift choice. "He can watch sports playoff games anywhere — even on the go! Hallelujah!"

Firestick, video games, Netflix, sports, family photos... think of all the content your love can project with the Luma 150. "This device is amazing and can be completely wireless!" raves one Amazon reviewer. If you're wondering exactly how this works, he explains: "I screen-mirrored my phone using the Netflix app and used the Bluetooth feature on the device with my ExoGear speaker. The internal speaker on the projector is decent as well. If I could give it six stars I would. Great buy!"

This new edition of the classic card game fun Love Letter features 2 new character roles. Two to six players vie to send love letters to the princess in bids to become her confidant. Outwit the other players to earn the royal's trust. If you and your partner enjoy card and board games, this gift makes a great Valentine's Day game night.

This beloved tabletop fire pit brings warmth wherever it goes. A great gift for a camper or even an urbanite who likes hanging out on the balcony, Solo Stove's Mesa does not disappoint. You have a choice of using pellets (a pellet burner adapter is included) or other fuel on hand. Use the Mesa to cook, or simply as a small fire pit to cozy up around. A travel bag is even included for easy transport.

"My husband and I thought this would be a great addition to our front porch," writes one Amazon fan. They were right! "We use smoker chips and roasted hotdogs over it. Very tasty outcome."

If your guy could use another shirt, this Lands' End flannel is a quality pick. It makes a great gift for the practical man in your life! There are 7 color options, but naturally, red is the best Valentine's Day option. We love the quality of this 100% cotton button-up. Sizes range from S to 4X.

Soothe his shoulders, neck, back, or anywhere else with this highly-rated Shiatsu massager. Three custom speed modes and optional heat make this a quality purchase. Over 10,000 verified Amazon buyers give it a perfect rating, including this customer who chips ice in Alaska: "Donʻt know how Iʻd make it without this massager, it really keeps me flexible and better feeling all around after lots of manual labor. Very addictive and effective at the same time, like exercise."

This gift is just plain fun: chopsticks that glow like Star Wars lightsabers. They come in multiple colors to channel his favorite Jedi. 8,000 Amazon shoppers love light-up chopsticks. "My husband was nerding out so hard with these," writes one of 13,000 five-star reviewers. "If you ever want to hear a grown man squeal, give these to a Star Wars fan." If that sounds like your guy's idea of a romantic gift, add to cart now.

Spice things up in the kitchen with the Always Pan set. It replaces so many other kitchen items, you'll wonder why you didn't get one earlier. If your guy is more of a minimalist he'll love reducing clutter. The Always Pan is a nonstick and sauté pan, skillet, steamer, and saucier, plus it includes a spatula and genius built-in spoon rest. Comes in four fun colors so there's likely one to blend into his (and your) kitchen.

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