The world's quirkiest train rides


Travelling by train can be an incredible experience, taking you to majestic landscapes and fascinating sites, but not all railways are the same and many offer an unusual experience from the moment you step on board the carriage.

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Lovers of trains who fancy taking a trip with a difference will love the world's quirky railway journeys, which can be found everywhere from the streets of Germany to the cliffs of Thailand.

Many come with unique history and take passengers completely off the beaten track, while others pass through weird places, including a bustling market and even an airport runway.

The world's coolest train rides don't always come with traditional carriages either. Cambodia's Bamboo Train is proof that there are many one-of-a-kind rail journeys to be found. Visitors to Germany can even enjoy a ride on its hanging railway.

Explore some of the planet's oddball train rides, from the Molli to the Maeklong Railway.