How to care for your clothes so they last longer

Five Clothing Care Tips That'll Save Your Wardrobe
Five Clothing Care Tips That'll Save Your Wardrobe

Are you someone that shrinks your clothes by accident? Or throws something out at the first sign of a greasy stain or makeup mark?

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Don't worry, you can ensure your favourite items last longer with these foolproof care tips.

Handwash delicates
Instead of popping your cashmere jumper into the washing machine and shrinking it just try a little warm water and baby shampoo, et voila - delicates are washed and remain the same shape and size. Phew.

Use baby wipes on make up stains
Everybody knows that baby wipes are every parent's saviour - they're a multi-tasking miracle. But did you know that they can also get black marks and orange foundation stains out of your clothes? Nope, we didn't either.

Get rid of grease stains with dish soap
Argh, there's nothing worse than a big fat dollop of grease splashing onto your new top leaving an unsightly mark. Pour soap on the stain and blot with cotton, then pop it in the washing machine. Grease marks, be gone.

Remove leather stains with baby powder
Keep your shoes looking tip top and shiny by using baby powder to buff them up. Just pour the powder on the stain, leave it to sit overnight, and then wipe clean with a cloth. Too easy.

Save buttons with nail polish
Not a sewing fan? Forget having to replace buttons just by using a bit of clear nail varnish. Simply trim the thread and add polish to stop fraying, and your buttons won't fall off.

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