Video: Kitten rescued from Abraham Lincoln statue after days of being stuck


There's nothing like a heartwarming story to brighten up a dull Monday morning...

A three-week-old kitten who had been stuck inside a museum's statue of Abraham Lincoln for several days has been saved - with its rescue captured on camera.

The little grey kitten - now called Abe - could be heard crying from around the statue at Clermont President's Hall of Fame in Florida.

By the time the firemen from the Minneola Fire Department arrived on Sunday afternoon, the cries were getting fainter.

A reporter from WFMY News was there to capture the scene, and Daniel Davis from the Humane Society is clearly confused as to how the kitten got in there in the first place.

He said there may have been a hole at the top of the statue, which the kitten fell down, but how it got up there in the first place was a mystery.

Firefighters drilled a hole in the statue big enough for fireman Robert Seigworth to be lowered in to get the cat.

There were cheers from onlookers as he emerged triumphant, holding the super-cute moggy.

According to, the kitten was dehydrated and hungry, and will now be nursed back to health by vets, before being adopted by the museum's curator.

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