Labrador Who's an Epic Help in the Garden Has a True Green Thumb

CC Chedko/Shutterstock

A dog helping his owner get ready for the spring has people all over the internet totally infatuated. We guess the Black Lab really wanted to be included when his mama went out to garden because he showed up for her in the most adorable way.

Dogs really do love us so much. It's no wonder why the little guy wanted to help his mom around the house.

They must've gardened together before because the Black Lab expertly carried his mom's huge water can in his mouth when the two of them headed out to do the work.

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"Alright, let's go water the berry bushes," she said to him from behind the camera in the clip. "Over here!" she said.

The watering can was almost as big as he was, but that didn't stop him from attempting to charge over even when it looked like he was getting a little off-balance.

"The goodest helper!" his mom wrote in the caption, and we couldn't help but agree.

There really are no words for how cute the pup is, but some people in the comments section tried to articulate how adorable this "helper" was. "Such a helpful one!" exclaimed one person. "OMG the sweetest little gardener," someone else chimed in. "The trot!" another commenter pointed out.

Getting Your Dog to Help in the Garden

Dogs can either help or hurt an outdoor space (we've all seen the dog who digs up a flower bed, right?). So if you want your pup to be totally chill around your garden, here are a few tips.

Routine, routine, routine. It's what we advise to people looking to make things like meal and bedtimes consistent for their animals, but that goes for gardening too. If you make gardening a habit it will help your dog know what to expect and recall how to behave during that activity.

Dogs will naturally dig around while your working, so try not to yell at them. If your dog finds something in the ground ask them to bring it over so you can see. You're trying to create a positive association with gardening, so that they won't cause more chaos than they have to.

Speaking of chaos, giving your dog a job (like carrying the water can) is a good way to keep them focused and out of trouble. If your dog is trained, you can also ask them to search for certain things around the yard and bring them to you. Or set them up far away from where you're working and allow them to dig.

It's not easy, but gardening with your dog can be enjoyable. It takes a little work, but soon both of you will be able to soak in those warm spring days.

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