Labrador Retriever ‘Helps’ Pregnant Mom Do Yardwork and Hilarity Ensues

Clarence is a Labrador Retriever who just happens to "talk" and often explains how he got into trouble yet again. He was invited to the Westminster Dog Show in May where he got to do "barkstage interviews" with some of the contestants. Upon arriving home, he discovered the backyard was a mess, and so he decided to help clean it up.

Clarence's dad shared the video on Monday, May 20th and the whole thing cracked me up. His mom used the excuse of being 9 months pregnant as the reason she couldn't do any yardwork when they Clarence and his dad were out of town. Clarence got to work, but instead of getting a thank you, he got in trouble. Make sure the sound is up because it makes the whole thing even more funny when you can hear Clarence!

I love Clarence's names for his parents! "Kim Jong Mom" and "Dadamir Putin" cracks me up every single time he says it! And him making fun of his dad's Lululemon was too much. Fans were definitely on Clarence's side when it came to how his parents reacted to his help. @mami PR pointed out, "Tired from the trip and doing yard work at home I mean give him a break!!!" I'm with @Kimberly Flowers418 who said, "LOL!!! Clarence the way you talk about your hoomans is hilarious!!!" @Tavia Nyx Turner added, "No sympathy about a grown man in Lululemon!! LOVE YOU, King Clarence!"

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Our Favorite 'Talking' Dogs

Clarence is one of my favorite talking dogs on the internet. He shares his thoughts on his shenanigans and how they happened from his point of view, and they are always very funny. I love the way he (I think his dad Jimmy has something to do with it!) tells stories in such a way that you feel like you were there watching it all unfold. There are several other funny talking dogs that I enjoy watching, so I thought I'd share a few.

Hammy is another of my favorite dogs. He's a very dramatic Corgi who definitely is the boss in his house. He is highly opinionated and has no problem telling his dad exactly what he thinks. One time his dad pet another dog and Hammy was not happy about it! His reaction was the best! Hammy just got a new sibling, so I'm sure that there will be all kinds of new adventures between the two.

Teddy is also a favorite of mine. He doesn't talk, but he's an internet celebrity that has an ongoing prank war with his dad and watching them one-up each other with the level of creativity when it comes to pranks always makes me smile. And Teddy makes some of the funniest faces that I've ever seen a dog make!

And I can never get enough of all of the chatty Huskies and vocal French Bulldogs who might not speak in words, but that do a whole lot of talking. Our puppy is a quiet one and rarely barks. And while I enjoy watching all of these funny dogs online, I'm not sure I'd want one at home!

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