Kind Humans Drive 15 Hours To Rescue Puppies Minutes Away from Being Euthanized


The Asher House, located in Estacada, near Portland, Oregon, is a non-profit dog sanctuary dedicated to rescuing animals and providing them with a lifetime of comfort, love and adventure.

In an amazing video posted on YouTube on April 17, Lee Asher and a volunteer named Kayla drive to meet a volunteer who had driven 15 hours to rescue a couple of puppies that were set to be euthanized, that same day.

One kennel shows a mother dog with a litter of puppies, and the other kennels house two puppies that have very bad cases of mange.

The mange is really horrific but you can just tell how happy these little pups are to be getting affection, their tails just go crazy. It's so cute to see!

Lee hilariously says "They are so incredibly sweet and smell so incredibly bad!"

Lee then gather the four black and white puppies in his arms and they are just precious.

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It's always so heartwarming to see dogs like these getting a second chance at life, especially because shelters are so overcrowded and sometimes dogs with treatable conditions are put down due to lack of funds and volunteers. That's why it's so wonderful to see organizations like The Asher House step in to lend a hand.

What is Demodectic Mange?

Demodectic mange is a skin disease caused by a mite known as Demodex canis. It is normal to find a few of these mites in most dogs, but for some reason, certain dogs do not have an immune system strong enough to fight them off and they develop infections. The mites spread through the skin and maybe even through the internal organs.

In extreme cases, hair starts falling out in patches, especially around the face and the eyes, and sometimes on the body or the legs.

The only way to tell for sure if your dog has mange is to take him to your regular vet. A small amount of skin is scraped off, put in oil, and then examined under the microscope. A dog with a mange infection will have several mites on the slide. Your vet will then determine the best course of topical and medical treatment for your pup.

If you would like to learn more about Asher House and all of the wonderful rescue work they do, please visit their website here.

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