Kind Humans Band Together To Get Sad Petco Parrot a Forever Home

Daniel Urrutia Carlos/Shutterstock

If you've ever been in a Petco, you may have noticed that these pet stores often have adoptable cats in kennels in the store. These stores also carry fish, small animals and birds.  It's nearly impossible to pick up dog or cat food without wanting to bring a pet home, and one social media user fell in love with a parrot she found at her local Petco in Hawaii.

Even though Shannon fell in love with the bird, it was pretty difficult coming up with his $1,100 price tag. There's when sweet people on social media stepped in.

Shannon explained in the video on her TikTok account @Shannontravelshawaii, "He was adopted once and returned because the kids were mishandling him so he was biting. He is 1100$ he is adorable! I want him!

One person commented, "The price tag is what keeps these poor babies out of good homes...sad." Another added, "Honestly, if you set up a go fund me, and asked for $1 from each person, you’d get it."

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This sparked an idea and Shannon shared this video:

One person who wanted to help Shannon was BunnyXO, who just so happens to be the beautiful wife of country/rock superstar Jelly Roll. Bunny posted, "I’ll buy him for you, tell me where & how."  Another person added, "That’s when you make a video , drop your cash app and get that bird, people will help you make it happen."

And lo and behold, the best update ever!

Shannon shared, "After 3 months of being stuck at Petco! We finally took him home! He is so cuddly and perfect! Thank you to all the people who donated to my cashapp! Now i gotta get toys and supplies so he can live the best life!"

Awww, she bonded so hard with this bird and he seemed to love her too and now he is in his new forever home. People on TikTok were so kind to help cover his adoption fee, especially because it's heartbreaking to think of any parrot being trapped in a cage for three months. These birds need affection and contact with people who love them to thrive.

It seems like that's exactly what this sweet bird got because here's another update video of her little bird playing hide and seek.

What a wonderful happy ending! We just know he's going to live the best life ever with all the love and care he deserves!

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