Kate Middleton's uncle says Meghan Markle 'rewrote history' on Celebrity Big Brother

Garry Goldsmith has called Meghan Markle a stick in the spokes of the royal family as he chatted on Celebrity Big Brother (ITV/Shutterstock)

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Celebrity Big Brother contestant Gary Goldsmith has said Meghan Markle "rewrote history" of Prince Harry's relationship with the royal family.

Entrepreneur Goldsmith, 58, is the uncle of Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales and has entered the Big Brother house as a celebrity contestant as part of the line-up of stars in the new ITV reboot of the reality show. He was quick to give his opinions on Markle and claimed the Prince and Princess of Wales had a good relationship with Prince Harry until Markle "put a stick in the spokes".

What, how, and why?

Catherine Middleton's uncle Gary Goldsmith is one of the housemates in Celebrity Big Brother 2024. (ITV)
Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales's uncle Gary Goldsmith is one of the housemates in Celebrity Big Brother 2024. (ITV)

Goldsmith is the brother of Carol Middleton, mother of the Princess of Wales and his only claim to fame is his connection with the royal family. The other celebrity housemates were instantly intrigued to know just what he will be able to reveal about the royal family.

Former This Morning host Fern Britton was the first to quiz Goldsmith on his presence in the house. She told him: "I'm just intrigued as to why you are here." Goldsmith told her: "Because I am not that caricature that is portrayed in the press and it gives me an opportunity to show who I really am." Asked what he is able to say he replied: "I can pretty much say anything I want to say..." He then quipped: "Unless a red dot appears on my chest."

Later Louis Walsh asked him: “Is it difficult for you, being related to famous people?”

Gary: “Do you want the absolute truth Louis - I didn’t vote for it, it happened to me, and then suddenly there’s a spotlight on you.” He added: “They call me the Buncle! Have you heard of a buncle? 'Bad uncle', apparently every family has them.”

Goldsmith admitted he does not have much contact with the Princess of Wales, saying: “It’s difficult to get hold of Kate at the best of times, and she’s got children and I love the fact that she’s putting family first.”

He added of the Prince and Princess of Wales:“Her and William are saviour of the royal family, although I will say I think [King] Charles has done a spectacular job.”

Walsh asked: “I have to ask you, have you met Meghan Markle?” Goldsmith shook his head.

But he divulged: "I have a feeling that Harry was massively loved and when they were a threesome [Prince Harry and William and Princess Catherine] they looked really comfortable together and then suddenly an extra dynamic comes in, puts a stick in the spokes and now there is so much drama that I genuinely don't think was there, and rewrote the history and said how unhappy he was. And I just don't think that's fair." He went on: "You can't throw your family under a bus and write books about them and expect to be invited for Christmas."

Goldsmith then asked Sharon Osbourne: "But what's the vibe in LA?" Osbourne replied: "At the beging they were very, very well received..." But she added: "It's dwindling."

Goldsmith said of Prince Harry: "I just think it's really sad because at some point he's going to come back and be part of the gang. I think he might need to. I think we're a very forgiving nation."

What else happened on Celebrity Big Brother?

Sharon Osbourne - Celebrity Big Brother 2024. (ITV)
Sharon Osbourne told housemates she has missed the UK and is moving back for good. (ITV) (ITV)

Sharon Osbourne revealed she and husband Ozzy Osbourne will be moving back to the UK permanently from April. She said: "I'm going to be here from April, my hubby is coming over and we'll still go back over there because our kids are still there but we'll have this as our base." She went on: “I miss it here, very very much.”

She said of Osbourne, who has battled a series of health problems in recent times: “He’s doing okay, it’s hard for him but he’s doing okay.” She added of leaving him: “He’s already started to complain. I had my last phone call with him on the way here and he was miserable.”

Later Strictly Come Dancing star Nikita Kuzmin asked him why she was moving back to the UK. Osbourne simply said: "Time to come home."

TV star Osbourne, 71, had previously said she would be forced to move back to the UK as she had been 'cancelled' in the US.

Celebrity Big Brother airs at 9pm on ITV1, STV, ITVX and STV Player.

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