Kate ‘danced waltz with pinch of rock ‘n’ roll’ during 40th birthday photoshoot

The Duchess of Cambridge danced a waltz with a “pinch” of rock ‘n’ roll during her 40th birthday photoshoot, the cameraman has revealed.

Kate marked her milestone birthday, celebrated on Sunday, by releasing three striking images by celebrated fashion photographer Paolo Roversi.

Roversi has disclosed details of the duchess’ photoshoot in an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, saying: “In the end I wanted to take some moving pictures, so with that wonderful wide skirt I made her dance in front of my lens, a sort of accelerated waltz mixed with a pinch of rock ‘n’ roll.”

The Duchess of Cambridge 40th Birthday
One of three portraits of Kate released to mark her birthday (Paolo Roversi/Kensington Palace/PA)

The duchess rarely dances in public but waltzed with Paddington Bear during a 2017 visit to the London station the famous Peruvian character is named after, and during a trip to the South Pacific nation of Tuvalu in 2012 joined the duke and locals in a traditional dance.

Kate wore three different Alexander McQueen dresses for each of the portraits and her hair was left to flow freely.

The photographer told the Italian publication: “I didn’t want her to look too Lady Duchess, too establishment, but as pure and contemporary as possible. Or even timeless.”

Mila Sneddon, a little girl who has developed a special bond with the duchess, has wished Kate a belated 40th happy birthday.

The six-year-old from Falkirk, who has been receiving chemotherapy for leukaemia, recorded an online video after returning home from hospital.

One of three portraits of Kate released to mark her birthday
Photographer Paolo Roversi said he wanted his images to be ‘timeless’ (Paolo Roversi/Kensington Palace/PA)

Mila was featured in a picture from Kate’s lockdown photographic project Hold Still, and came to symbolise isolation during the pandemic after she was pictured kissing her home’s kitchen window as her father stood outside.

The little girl was pictured separated from her father during the first lockdown, after he had to go to work and could not risk bringing coronavirus into the family home.

The duchess and the little girl met in Scotland last year, when Kate kept a promise to Mila, who wanted to meet a princess dressed in her favourite colour pink.

The little girl said in her Twitter video message: “”Happy Birthday Catherine I’m so happy your (sic) turning 40, I hope you get nice gifts (and) love spending time with your family.”