The Jury: Murder Trial viewers feel lied to after spotting clue

The Jury: Murder Trial (Channel 4)
The Jury: Murder Trial is a new series which aims to shine the spotlight on the British justice system.(Channel 4)

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Viewers of The Jury: Murder Trial believe they are being duped after spotting a clue the show is not all it claims to be.

The new Channel 4 series aims to shine the spotlight on the British justice system by recreating a real murder trial using actors, with two separate juries tasked with working out if a man is guilty of murdering his wife.

The trial has been staged over several days, with both the red and the blue jury - who are unaware of each other's existence - hearing evidence from the prosecution and defence, before retiring to deliberate and deliver their verdict. But some viewers feel they are being lied to.

Pictured (L-R): Liberty, Lorell, Ollie, Sonia, WIlliam, Emily, Jodie, Junior, Aaron, Sacha. (Channel 4)
Viewers questioned why the jurors wore the same clothes every day. (Channel 4)

The Jury: Murder Trial shows edited footage of the trial, which is portrayed by actors, and the members of the public who are taking part in the show as the two juries. They are filmed talking to camera about their life and past experiences, which may influence their decision, as well as sitting in court and chatting to one another in the jury room.

During episode two of the show, which aired on Tuesday 28 February, on screen text reported the jurors had returned to court for day two and day three of the trial. But some viewers pointed out on social media that the jury members were all wearing the same clothes - speculating that all filming had taken place in just one day.

One wrote on social media platform X: "Four days in a row, none of the jury have changed their clothes. Those wee boxes they are sitting in must be a bit smelly by now. #C4thejury." Another questioned: Is it just me or are these people wearing the same clothes on the ‘next day’ ???? #C4TheJury."

A third agreed: "Are they filming this all on the same day and letting on it’s over a few days #thejury #C4TheJury." And another observed: "They’ve all been wearing the same clothes for 3 days."

Other viewers tired of seeing the jurors tucking into the buffet food in their jury room. One tweeted: "They’ll be deliberating the verdict for weeks just for the buffet. #C4TheJury."

Another posted: "This jury does nothing but cry and eat! #C4TheJury." And another said: "We deliberated for 2 weeks during my murder case & we only had sandwiches & crisps #C4TheJury."

What else happened on The Jury: Murder Trial?

The Jury: Murder Trial on Channel 4
Some viewers think the show is unrealistic. (Channel 4)

The Jury: Murder Trial previously came under fire from TV viewers who have suggested the process didn't feel realistic.

“This is so false,” one posted on X. “The jury would be with other people, possibly on other juries, during breaks and are instructed not to discuss the trial like this. They are formulating opinions before hearing evidence. I've done jury service, it's not like this.”

Another asked: “Would a real jury stop every five minutes to discuss the case?” “This programme isn't showing the jury system as it is,” said someone else. “It's playing to a Whodunnit TV audience & making jury service look like a Big Brother experience.”

The Jury: Murder Trial continues on Channel 4 on Wednesday 28 February at 9pm and is available to stream on My4.

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