Jon Bon Jovi confirms Millie Bobby Brown married his son at the weekend

Jake Bongiovi, Millie Bobby Brown, Dorothea Hurley and Jon Bon Jovi at the
Jon Bon Jovi (far right) has confirmed his son Jake and Millie Bobby Brown (left) are married. (Variety via Getty Images) (Variety via Getty Images)

Jon Bon Jovi has confirmed reports that Millie Bobby Brown married his son Jake at the weekend on The One Show saying, "Yeah, it's true."

He was joined on Tuesday's show by Daisy Ridley who shared that she is soon to start work on the new Star Wars film.

Michael Ball also stopped in to the studio to talk about his mixed feelings on taking over the late Steve Wright's Radio 2 show.

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown is officially married, according to her new father-in-law - rock star Jon Bon Jovi.

The singer was a guest on Tuesday's The One Show, where he confirmed the happy news saying that it had been a small family ceremony.

Jake Bongiovi (L) and British actress Millie Bobby Brown arrive for the premiere of Netflix's
Jake Bongiovi and Millie Bobby Brown are married. (AFP via Getty Images) (ANGELA WEISS via Getty Images)

Hosts Lauren Laverne and Roman Kemp asked Bon Jovi about reports that his son Jake Bongiovi had married the British actor over the weekend and he proudly confirmed that it was true.

Asked how the happy couple were, he said: "They're great, they're absolutely fantastic, it was a very small family wedding. The bride looked gorgeous, Jake is as happy as can be, and yeah, it's true."

Bon Jovi also reassured his fans that he was still going strong after throat surgery a couple of years ago to repair his vocal cords.

Jon Bon Jovi said 'the bride was beautiful'. (Disney) (Christopher Willard via Getty Images)

He said: "I'm well on the road to recovery, in fact if you'd been in my hotel room today you would have heard Livin' On A Prayer and Wanted that I was belting out in the bathroom."

Joining him on The One Show was Daisy Ridley, who also had big news to share with Star Wars fans about the delayed latest instalment, Rey, featuring her character Rey Skywalker.

She said: "I can say that it is happening. I am soon to meet Steven Knight, soon to read a script, and it's all very exciting."

It was a star-studded line-up in Tuesday's episode as Michael Ball spoke about his difficult decision to take on the Radio 2 show Love Songs after Steve Wright's death in February.

Ball, who had previously presented the show following Wright's, told of wrestling with what to do when he was offered the chance to continue Love Songs which Wright had created.

London, UK. 14th Apr, 2024. Michael Ball poses for Photographers on the Green Carpet at the 2024 Olivier Awards at the Royal Albert Hall Credit: David Betteridge/Alamy Live News
Michael Ball is taking over the late Steve Wright's show Love Songs. (Alamy Live News) (David Betteridge)

He said of taking over: "Mixed emotions. It was a real shock when we lost Steve, I was such a fan of the man, he was a lovely man, he was a brilliant, brilliant radio presenter. He changed the whole sound of Radio 2.

"I had to think long and hard about whether it was appropriate for me to do...I always listened to it, it was appointment radio. I was really honoured, really humbled and very excited."

Ball said that in his first Love Songs show which will air on Sunday, 2 June, he will pay tribute to Wright by playing Wichita Lineman at the end of the show. "He had great taste in music, he was a good man," he added.

The One Show airs on BBC One at 7pm on weekdays.

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