Jimmy Kimmel thanks fans on 19th anniversary of his talk show

Jimmy Kimmel has thanked fans for “being patient” as he marked 19 years on his US talk show.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live! presenter shared a newspaper clipping announcing his debut performance on January 26 2003.

Sharing it online Kimmel wrote: “19 years ago tonight, our show premiered on ABC.

“They said it wouldn’t last, which was a weird thing for ABC to say. Sadly for many, it did.

“Thanks to those who stuck with us and those who joined along the way.”

On Instagram he added: “19 years ago today…thanks for being patient”.

Part of the clipping reads: “Kimmel goes up against Leno and Letterman in this LA-based late-night talk show,” adding that at the time Kimmel had quipped the show would “look like every other talk show”.

Commenting on the post, fellow US TV show host Carson Daly said: “God we’re getting old…”.

Late Night with Seth Meyers is also due to mark its 40th anniversary next week with a special guest appearance from its original host David Letterman.