Inquiry into UK film and TV industry ‘deeply concerned about retention of staff’

The chairwoman of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee has said an inquiry into British film and high-end television is “deeply concerned about skills, working conditions, and the retention of staff in the industry”.

In a letter to the Culture Secretary, Dame Caroline Dinenage, said the industry “faces considerable uncertainty”.

Dame Caroline said that investment boomed following the pandemic “but fell dramatically last year leaving studios empty, crews out of work and cinemas questioning how to programme their screens”.

“We have heard that these challenges could have been mitigated if the UK had a stronger domestic, independent sector and was less reliant on inward production,” she said.

“We believe this warrants further investigation.”

She continued: “We are also deeply concerned about skills, working conditions, and the retention of staff in the industry.

“More work is needed to get to grip with these issues, as a failure to do so now will harm our ability to attract and staff productions in the future.”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called for a July 4 General Election on Wednesday and Dame Caroline said she hopes the next government “will continue to champion and support all facets of our screen industries”.

“Given the huge value that film and HETV contributes, and the deep questions that remain about its resilience, we strongly urge our successor Committee to revisit the evidence we have received and continue scrutiny of this vital industry,” she added.

After Parliament is dissolved on May 30, all committees will cease to exist until new ones are appointed by the new House of Commons.

The inquiry was launched in July 2023 and has investigated what needs to be done to maintain and enhance the UK as a global destination for production.