Incredible Skateboarding Tabby Cat Thrashes Like a Total Pro

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Skateboarding was invented in the middle of the twentieth century—though not, as many might assume, by time traveler Marty McFly, as seen in the film Back to the Future. However, the method that the eighties kid uses to turn a child’s crate scooter into a sort of “sidewalk surfboard” is historically accurate, as that is indeed how the first skateboards were created, and adopted by California surfers eager for a device they could use on land.

By the sixties and seventies, the sport of skateboarding was well established throughout California and was spreading to other areas of the country, but it got a big boost in 1985, thanks to the aforementioned Back to the Future. By the 2000s it was one of the most popular youth sports in America, and thousands of skate parks had opened worldwide. But I never thought it was a sport for animals.

In this video, a small tabby cat does tricks on a skateboard I’d be hard-pressed to mimic on only two legs. The clip appears to come from Italy, where the user regularly posts content of their skateboarding cat thrashing on a modified skateboard perfect for a feline that size.

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And yes, this cat is definitely controlling their own skateboard. In other videos on the profile, you can see that the cat knows just where to stand and lean on the board to make it obey steering commands—like a real skateboarder.

In the captions, the cat is described as being named “Kitbrit” and having been found as a stray when only three months old, alone on a hillside and crying piteously. Pretty soon, however, she was adopted into a growing and lovable family of cats and dogs, and moreover, she was trained how to skateboard.

Her social media account is full of her taking baby steps in both agility and skateboarding, as well as long walks on the beach tethered to her Aussie Shepherd siblings.

Though a young cat, kitbrit has clearly found an activity that she loves, and that obviously brings a lot of people joy with her fun videos.

Can You Train a Cat?

A lot of people think that trying to train a cat is a waste of time, but though most felines are not as eager to perform tricks as dogs, that doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to learn new skills. In fact, a cat’s natural athleticism, agility, balance, and fast reflexes—those same qualities that make them such excellent predators, can easy be modified to teach them a variety of tricks, from basic handshakes to the skateboarding seen here and even water sports like paddle boarding.

Cats Who Skateboard

Kitbrit isn’t he first skateboarding cat, either. Just search the internet and you’ll soon see a wide variety of cats who have taken the sport. They probably like the speed and the way the board responds to their careful paw movements and rewards their quick thinking and agility. For many cats, skateboarding is a sport they actually gravitated to on their own, merely by being curious about the board in their own home, and their owners helped foster these skills by getting them miniature and modified boards that they cool wheel around on their own.

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