Husky Service Dog Helps Human 'Sign Off' as Pharmacist for the Last Time


Pet dogs add so much value and love to their owners' lives, but some hardworking pups are specially trained and certified to assist with essential everyday tasks. These service dogs can do almost anything, from retrieving medication to providing stability for their owner to stand and walk. Of course, there are Seeing Eye Dogs, too!

Service dogs can come in all shapes and sizes, too, but not many people have seen a service Husky like Lucy. This gorgeous girl is just as smart as she is loving, and she was more than happy to help when her owner worked as a Walgreens pharmacist. On June 5, Lucy and her owner celebrated their last day at the welcoming job, and it was only fitting that the most popular coworker around got to help sign off for the last time.

What a good girl! I wish I could've seen the reactions from the customers in the store when the dog's howl sounded over the intercom. If I had been there, I would've been so excited. I would've also taken a lap around the store to see if I could sneak a peek at the adorable vocalist!

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When it comes to service dogs, though, all one can do is peek. No matter how adorable they may be, it's important not to pet them unless their owner gives the thumbs up. It's about safety! Many service dogs, such as medical alert dogs, need to be focused for as long as they're out and about with their owner, or they could risk missing an essential alert. If you want to give a compliment, feel free, but make sure to speak to the owner and not the dog!

When Lucy was behind the counter with her human mom, though, she was relatively unbothered. In fact, she had a whole cozy corner just for her! While her owner was helping patients get their medications, Lucy was sitting on her dog bed until she was needed.

Service Dogs of All Breeds

While many of the commenters praised the helpful pup and her gorgeous 'awoo,' plenty of people noticed that they don't see service Huskies as often as other breeds. While some dogs, like Labrador and Golden Retrievers, have many natural traits that make them great service dogs, any pup can qualify! It takes time, training, and focus to train a service dog, but there are no breed restrictions to worry about.

"As a handler, this makes me so happy to see another Husky in service," gushed viewer @officialjocelynnw. I know what you mean! While my Husky mix is not nearly focused enough to be a service animal, I can appreciate these dogs' dedication to their owner and their duties. Service dogs are truly a gift!

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