Huskies’ Excitement Over Mom’s Homemade Ball Pit Obstacle Course Is Too Cute

Champ and Tyson are adorable Husky brothers who are always up for a challenge, and mom has fun creating new ones for them. Their latest challenge was a ball pit obstacle course, and the video just gets better and better every time mom adds more balls to the mix! Mom shared the video on Thursday, June 6th, and it will make you smile.

Mom starts by taping off a short hallway using blue painter's tape. She begins with the first challenge that she calls Level One and fills the 'pit' with 250 balls. They all breeze through this challenge, so mom adds more balls. Watch as each level gets harder for all of included! At about 1,250 balls that I started laughing at the dogs' comments about how difficult it was getting!

Everybody ends up winning at the end! Mom decided the challenge was over and it was time to play in the homemade ball pit! Champ and Tyson seemed to be relieved, though one of them decided he wasn't interesting in joining in and playing with them. @Commenter Kate said what I was thinking about the obstacle course challenge, "You are so awesome!!! I would have fallen LOL! The end just a ball pit is so fun!!" and the dogs' mom replied, "I had to grab the wall because I almost went down!"

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Is a Husky Right for Your Family?

Siberian Huskies are beautiful dogs, but do they make good pets? It depends on your family's lifestyle and if you have the energy to keep up with one. Ever since he was little, my son has always wanted a Husky. They're absolutely gorgeous dogs, but we decided that a Husky wouldn't be right for us since they're so energetic and require lots of exercise. With three kids and two of us working full time, a Husky just didn't seem to be the right fit for our low-key family.

If you watch a lot of pet videos online, one of the first things you'll notice about Huskies is that they are very vocal. They love to howl, talk back to their paw-rents, and have no problem voicing how they feel, often and loudly. In fact, World Animal Foundation lists them as the second most chatty dog breed out there, second only to the Chihuahua. WAF explained why they're so vocal, "They worked in packs, pulling sleds. Huskies needed to communicate on the job, so barking is a natural tendency." If you're looking for a quiet dog, a Husky is not the breed for you. That was another reason that we weren't going to bring one home.

They're intelligent and easily trainable, love to be around their family, and love to stay busy. They enjoy cuddling and being affectionate, but on their own terms. They do great with children and other dogs, but since they have a strong prey drive, cats, birds, and rabbits are more like a meal than a friend.

There are always pros and cons that come with any dog breed you might be considering making a pet. It's so important to do your research so that you can decide if a certain breed is right for your family. Bringing home a dog simply because it's cute could end up being a big mistake! If you don't know what you're really getting into, you could potentially end up with an unhappy dog and family.

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