Hungarian Pointer Rescued After Going for a Swim with the Ducks in Indiana Pond

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If your dog has ever slipped out of your front door without their leash on you know what a big old party that is. Our dog will get full-speed zoomies and run around our yard until we can bribe him back inside with a cookie. A Hungarian Pointer dog named Rex had the same reaction when he escaped his dog babysitters and decided to chase after a mama duck and her ducklings.

Indianapolis firefighters were called to help save Rex from the pond and thankfully they also got to test out a new boat they had acquired.

WTHR reports that Rex's owners told firefighters they were concerned he would tire himself out while swimming and drown, or catch the ducks.

Thankfully they were able to rescue Rex and bring him to shore in their new 'nanner boat.'

This is so cute because the Carmel Fire Department posted the following on Facebook and Rex's owner replied.

The grateful owners posted, "Hello! This was our dog Rex. He was under my relative’s watch (visiting from out of town) and he wasn’t being as careful as we usually are with Rex. We can nothing but take accountability and apologize for this incident and give you our word that we won’t let this happen again. We are incredible grateful, first of all for our wonderful first responders Carmel Fire Department who addressed this emergency with such generosity, professionalism and even humor. And also for our numerous neighbors at The Village of WestClay who showed compassion and support during this stressful situation. Neither my husband or I were there at the time that this happened but we were told that everyone was very caring and sympathetic with the circumstance. We did get numerous text and phone calls from our neighbors wanting to check if Rex and we were ok. Sooooooo thankful for your kindness and compassion. We are humbly fortunate to live in this great city."

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Gotta love a happy ending!

Why It Can Be Dangerous To Rescue a Drowning Dog

Attempting to rescue a drowning dog can be extremely dangerous for both the dog and the person attempting the rescue. Dogs may become extremely frightened in these situations and struggle in the water, increasing the chance of both you and the dog drowning.

The most important thing you can do if your dog is drowning, or you see another dog drowning, is try and remain calm. Immediately call emergency services or animal control to report the situation and seek help from the professionals who are trained to know what to do in these situations.

You can attempt to find something on shore to help the dog, like a flotation device, stick or something else for them to grab onto while you try and coax the dog to swim to safety.

Dog parents should teach their dog to swim so in case something like this does happen, your dog will know how to either stay afloat or swim to shore. Check with your local veterinarian office, dog obedience school or dog boarding facility to see if dog swimming classes are offered in your area.

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