Highland Cow’s Funny Way of Eating Grass Is Too Cute to Resist

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Our pets do funny things sometimes, and if we're lucky enough to catch them doing them, of course we record it! Bre Boyette is mom at the Fur & Feather's Farm where Dumplin' the cow and his best friend Milkshake the duck live. The two are inseparable, but Milkshake doesn't make in appearance in this video Bre shared on Thursday, May 30th.

In the video, Dumplin' is snacking on some grass in the most adorable way possible. Although he has a whole field full of grass on his side of the fence, he decides he wants the grass on the other side of the fence. Standing on his hind legs, he kneels on his front legs so he can get his head through the wire fence to reach the grass, and he looks absolutely adorable doing it!

Dumplin' is just too cute! I love that Bre caught him in the act and also realized that this is how he's been escaping as well! Dumplin' even looked like he was shaking his head, arguing with mom. The whole thing made me smile! Commenters got a kick out of the video, too. @Carol Bosarge Adcock laughed, "Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence?? LOL!" @heidimarie1802 cracked up at, "LMAO! "What the hell are you doing?"!!!" and Bre replied, "A sentence he hears me say on a daily basis!" and @CR pointed out, "The grass is tastier when it’s supposed to be unreachable, prefers a challenge! Haha!"

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Dumplin' Is the Main Character of a Children's Book!

Dumplin' is always getting into all sorts of shenanigans with his bestie, Milkshake. It's so cute to watch them together since they're such an unlikely pair! I've been following Bre's account for as long as I've been writing about animals here, and fans always tell her that she should write a children's book. And that's just what she did!

One thing these besties love to do together is go down to the pond. Milkshake loves swimming around; she is a duck after all! But Dumplin', a mini Highland cow, is a little more timid about getting in the water. Bre thought it would make a cute story, and in December 2023, she authored the book, Dumplin' Learns to Swim.

"This story is based on the real-life friends Dumplin' the cow and Milkshake the duck. They love to do almost everything together, but the only thing that Dumplin' and Milkshake don't do together is swim. Milkshake loves to swim but Dumplin' will not go in the water with her. Milkshake doesn't know why he won't swim with her because it is so much fun. She is determined to find out why Dumplin' won't swim with her."

You can find the adorable paperback on Amazon. I might just have to buy a copy to donate to the local elementary school since my kids are too old for it!

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