Guinea Pig ‘Yelling’ at Their Owner for Attention Is Positively Precious

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When your pet wants attention, they'll go to great lengths to get your notice. Even the smallest animals, like a guinea pig online who was "yelling" for her owner in the most adorable way.

You don't even need to speak Annie's language to understand that she was calling for her mama.

A video shared by the guinea pig's owner (@lnl4lnl) shows the pet trying to give her owner a piece of her mind. The animal squeaked and squeaked. It made such loud noises that its little ears raised.

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"Are you kidding me? What!" her owner said from across the room. This only made the guinea pig yell louder.

"What's going on?" her owner asked. "What's wrong? Oh no, emergency!" she teased from behind the camera. "Emergency!" she repeated.

"Annie says she needs a snack pronto," she later joked in the caption.

Luckily for the woman, people in the comments section were able to translate Annie's message too. "Mom! It's super serious! Don't you see my ears!" one person suggested. "You mock me müther but I am fading away without the treatsies," another commenter teased. "I absolutely love the squeaks and jumps. Like 'attention now mother!'" someone else chimed in. While someone else had a different explanation for the noise completely: "Ma’am I think your car alarm is going off," they kidded.

Communicating With Your Guinea Pig

Now we all know that guinea pigs are talkers. In fact, once you get one as a pet, you'll quickly learn all about guinea pig talk. These little guys are social and chatty — they have about 11 different distinct noises they make to express themselves. And they all have different meanings.

The noise that Annie made could best be described as the classic "wheek, wheek, wheek," noise that guinea pigs make when they're excited or are waiting to be fed. Some people see it as akin to begging. While other people swear they also make the noise when they want to get attention from their human.

When guinea pigs are exploring or are feeling content, they'll release a series of "putt-putt" noises. When they're feeling annoyed or disgruntled, they'll emit a noise that sort of sounds like a "chutt" sound.

If your animal is really feeling feisty, they'll chatter their teeth, which is a good sign to back off. They also have a range of purrs they make when they're feeling content.

Who knew these little guys were so talkative? It just goes to show that you'll never truly be alone with a guinea pig.

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