Golf pro Georgia Ball sees humor in 'awkward' mansplaining moment after video gets over 10 million views

Imagine this: You're an experienced golf professional working on your swing. Then, a man interrupts you to tell you what you're doing wrong and demands that you utilize his suggestions without allowing you to get a word in.

That's what happened to PGA certified instructor Georgia Ball, who happened to be recording herself at a range in Liverpool, England. She shared the clip on TikTok, where it amassed more than 10 million views and sparked a fair share of criticism toward the unidentified man.

The viral video shows Ball working on her swing before a voice is heard from the neighboring bay.

"Excuse me, what you're doing there — you shouldn't be doing that," the man says. "You're going too slow on the way up."

Ball attempts to calmly explain that she's exaggerating the motion as part of a swing change that she's going through, but the man continuously interrupts her to insist that she follow his directions because he's been playing golf for 20 years. "All you need to do is follow through," he adds.

Once the man demands that she "just hit one," Ball goes for a swing that looks just as pretty as her previous ones. But the man takes credit, saying, “See how much better that was?" She politely thanks him for his advice after another dismissed attempt to explain her expertise.

Ball's TikTok account, @georgiagolfcoach, has more than 170,000 followers. Seeing that she's posted countless tutorial videos, viewers didn't shy away from calling out their issues with the man's approach.

"Mansplaining at its finest," a user wrote in the video's most-liked comment.

"The NERVE of him to take credit for your next drive is infuriating!" another comment said.

Merriam-Webster defines mansplaining as "explaining something to a woman in a condescending way that assumes she has no knowledge about the topic."

In separate interviews with BBC and British talk show "This Morning," Ball said she sees the humor in it.

"Although it was an awkward conversation at the time, it's good that I can just look back at it and laugh," she said.

She emphasized that anyone interested in golf shouldn't be discouraged by the exchange, as it was an unusual one. "I have a lot of conversations and most of them are positive," she added.

As for why Ball chose not to mention her credentials during the exchange:

“As a humble person, it’s just not in me to say, ‘I’m a professional golfer. I know what I am doing,’” Ball said.