Golden Retriever's Sneaky Attempt At Asking Mom to Swim Is Irresistible


For many folks, summer is the perfect time of year to be outdoors. Balmy mornings are wonderful for taking a walk or even a hike, and there's no way to beat the heat quite like going for a swim. Just about anyone can enjoy time in the water, whether you're floating, playing (be safe!), or swimming laps. If you're feeling brave, you can even read by the pool!

When you have a dog, though, it's rare to visit a backyard pool alone. Plenty of pups like Gracie the Golden Retriever can't get enough of their swimming pool in the summertime, even if that means they're the only ones going for a dip.

On June 11, Gracie's owner posted the most adorable TikTok video of the pup's sneaky attempts at asking her to swim. At first, the pitiful pup looks like she's asking for help, but what she really wants is something else entirely. Hop in, Mom!

LOL! Gracie's acting skills are quite impressive. At first, I really thought she was clinging to the ladder in an attempt to get out of the pool! Even the look she gave her mom was pitiful and pleading, but the experienced dog owner knew she was about to walk into a trap. Gracie just wanted her to hop in, too!

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"She's like, 'here, I'll move, and you get in," viewer @bgirl25 commented. It's like you read her mind! This family-loving dog just wanted to spend some quality time sharing a favorite activity with her mom, but sadly, it was a bit too chilly for someone who's not covered in a fur coat to jump in the pool.

It's no surprise that Gracie is going viral for her 'tippy taps' and the way she stands with 'T-rex' arms in the water. The bottom half of her looks more like a kangaroo when she's standing like that! Between her silly actions and her sweet personality, I can see why this Golden Retriever keeps her family entertained!

Can All Dogs Swim?

While there's no question that many dogs don't like to swim, it doesn't mean they're incapable of it. Generally speaking, however, some dog breeds are more naturally gifted swimmers than others. Skill varies from one individual to the next, of course, but most hunting breeds, like Retriever dogs, have some instinctual knowledge of (and fondness for) swimming.

Brachycephalic dog breeds, or those with flat faces, almost always struggle to swim due to breathing difficulties. Dogs with short legs or very long bodies can also be a drowning risk, as can heavier, barrel-shaped dogs like Basset Hounds.

These ungifted swimmers may still enjoy visiting the lake and standing in extremely shallow water, but the reality is that not every dog will be a water baby like Gracie, the Golden girl.  Enjoy your pool this summer, Gracie!

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