Golden Retriever's Confusion Over New Baby's Cries Is All Too Real

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The adjustment period after bringing your baby home is real. It can be a real change for the whole household, including your pets. Video of a dog having a mini freak out after coming face-to-face with a baby is too funny. And shows that sometimes it's our pets that have the hardest time with the whole newborn thing.

The Golden went through a whole host of emotions when meeting the new baby for the first time.

In all fairness, the dog never asked to get a human sibling. In fact, they seemed plenty confused that there was a loud noise machine in the house. The footage on the dog's TikTok page shows the Golden Retriever cowering in fear under a coffee table while the baby cries in its stroller.

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The dog then went to hide behind its owner before zooming to the other side of the room. You can almost hear it say, "What is that thing?" It's easy to say that the dog was not a fan. It didn't help that a Roomba went by shortly after, only adding to the spooked feeling the dog had.

"Realistic POV of a dog meeting a baby for the first time," the owner wrote in the video's caption.

Commenters were cracking up at the dog's over-the-top reaction. "Nope...I never signed up for this," joked one person. "The dog is like: get that thing out of here," someone else teased. "Why…why does it cry so much? Turn it off," one commenter teased, as if reading the dog's mind. While another commenter could totally relate. "The first night we got home - baby was crying, I was crying and my Golden started howling. Husband didn't know what to do," they shared.

Calming a Quiet Baby

To a certain extent, your dog will have to get used to your baby's cries. Exposing them to the loud noises early can certainly help, but you might also want to find ways to calm your fussy baby if it's getting upset.

Swaddling your infant can really help. It helps them feel secure, which can stop the tears.

If the crying has already started, hold your baby in your arms and hold their body on their left side. This can help them digest, which might be distressing them. Gently rub their back to help with any stomach issues too.

A white noise machine can also be your best friend here. These noises can mimic the sound of being in your womb, which is also comforting to infants.

Babies aren't easy, but neither are dogs. It can sort of be a tightrope act to balance the two. Working on both sides of the relationship can pay off dividends, however. A little work now means your pet and your kid will be fast friends one day.

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