Golden Retriever's Annoyance Over Family's New Cockatiel Is Such a Mood

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If you're an oldest sibling, you might remember the day your parents brought your younger sibling home. That adjustment period was sort of harsh, right? One Golden Retriever is really going through it with his family's new addition. And the video of him looking so over the new pet is too funny.

Dog mom Elizabeth caught her oldest looking so peeved in a video online.

The poor Golden Retriever looked so miserable in the footage his mama shared. And that's probably because mom brought home a Cockatiel. Yeah — not ideal. It would be one thing if the bird stayed in its cage, but instead it was allowed to fly around the room and ultimately perched on the Golden's head.

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To add insult to injury the bird started whistling. We can only imagine it's a far cry from the nice quiet home that existed before someone brought the bird home.

"Someone didn't have a choice in the new pet for the family," she joked in the caption.

People in the comments section could sense the dog's pain. "Dogs like 'I’m not happy and I know it,'" joked one person. "He's thinkin' 'one's over lol,'" someone else teased. "Golden Retrievers be putting up with so much," another commenter added. "I swear the minute that front door opens..." one person teased, as if reading the pup's mind.

Pets That Get Along With Birds

Obviously, the relationship between this Golden and his cockatiel sibling is not great. But would that be the case for any dog and bird pairing? There are certainly animals that get along a little better with birds than others. And by that we mean, birds like pretty much any animal, but some of them can pose a threat to your flying friend.

Cats and dogs in particular can be very hit and miss. Cats have been known to view birds as prey and are their natural predators. But it is possible for the two to coexist if there are precautions taken to make sure your cat can't physically get to your bird. A cat might want to "play" with your bird too if you aren't careful. There is always the possibility that your cat might not pay particular attention to your bird. But still, you want to keep them far apart from each other.

Similarly, dogs can also be a threat to birds, even with training. With both cats and dogs, you'll want to make sure to keep your birds out of reach. It's not impossible for everyone to get along, you'll just need to be very careful to keep everyone safe.

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