Golden Retriever’s Refusal to Leave Restaurant Without Chips and Salsa Is the Best


Most people can't go to a Mexican food restaurant without eating chips and salsa. That's why we can all relate to Joey the Golden Retriever's reaction after passing by a table that has chips and salsa on it. His mom shared a video mid-April of Joey's refusal to finish his walk without getting the yummy snack, and let's just say he's adamant about wanting them!

Joey's mom has him on a leash when the video starts, and when he notices the chips and salsa just sitting there waiting to be eaten, he immediately stops. Mom gently tugs the leash and tells him no, but he refuses to leave. Listen and watch as mom tries to get him to go!

We all get it Joey! Joey's mom's caption for the video is spot on, "When the chips and salsa come out and all self-control goes out the window." We've all been there! People left nearly 3 thousand comments on the totally relatable video. @Kelly Mebane got more than 4 thousand likes when she said, "Give Joey those chips!" @MarZ laughed and pointed out, "The way they’re just presented in the sunlight!!!" @A Nurse and A Yorkie added, "“We” aren’t eating leftover chips n’ salsa but he is!!"

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Dogs and People Food

@Kristi F got many likes when she shared, "They are dead weight when they get their mind on something! LOL!" I laughed at Joey's mom's reply, "Most accurate thing ever! Happens almost every walk." I know that Golden Retrievers are one of the best dog breeds to have as a pet, but I've never had one, so I didn't know that they are stubborn!

It seems that Goldens can be very stubborn at times, but they're not considered a stubborn dog breed. Goldens are extremely intelligent and independent dogs, and when it comes to food, they can be very stubborn about what they like and dislike. And let's face it, we all get cravings for certain foods so it's understandable that Joey reacted the way that he did!

Like most dogs, Goldens love to eat. If you make the mistake of introducing them to people food, you'll likely find them sitting and waiting for you to share anytime you eat! Not all human food is healthy for dogs, and that includes chips and salsa. But there are human foods that dogs can eat: beef, bread, corn, eggs, chicken, salmon, tuna, milk, mackerel, oatmeal, pasta, rice, Greek yogurt, and pork. Carrots are great for their teeth and can replace dental chews (although my dog would never give up her favorite Minties!) Cheese and peanut butter are dog favorites but should be eaten in moderation since they are high in fat.

Dogs should never be given grapes, raisins, chocolate, onions, leeks, or garlic, as they are all dangerous to dogs and can cause health issues. If you are unsure if you can feed your dog a particular food, don't until you check with your vet or other animal professional. It's better to be safe than sorry.

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