Golden Retriever Puppy Tries to Befriend a Fawn and Cuteness Ensues


When baby animals meet, they get so excited to make a new friend...well, most of the time anyways. Accuweather shared a TikTok on Sunday, July 7th of an adorable puppy trying to make friends with a baby deer, and it's the cutest thing you'll see today! While the puppy is over the moon about finding a new friend, the fawn doesn't look quite so excited about the interaction.

The video stars with the excited pup wagging his tail and hopping back and forth in front of the fawn. The fawn looks a bit more timid about the possible friendship and isn't quite sure what to make of the energized ball of fur. It's all too cute!

This was the cutest thing I've seen in a long time! Claire O’Neil of Moundsville, West Virginia captured this video of her puppy River approaching the fawn outside her home. She said the footage showed “River [meeting] a young deer in our front yard and [he] wants to play with him.” (Credit: Claire O’Neil via Storyful)

I just wish the video was longer, or at least had a caption about how their interaction ended. I'm guessing the fawn must have ended up taking off, but I hope the two played for a bit. I also wonder if the fawn comes back to visit! Accuweather commenters all adored the cute video, but @Tavia Nyx Turner said what we were all thinking, "I want to see what happens next!!" We need an update!

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When Unlikely Friendships Develop Between Animals

If you spend any time on social media, I'm sure you've seen several of friendships between animals that you'd never put together as friends. I'm not sure if River and the fawn are new BFFs, but unlikely friendships between animals happen all of the time. Take for instance this Golden Retriever and orange cat. We've all heard the term "fighting like cats and dogs", but they are actually the definition of besties.

This cat's best friend is a bearded dragon, another unique and unexpected pairing! This Great Dane wanted to play with a frog he found in the pool, and it seemed that the frog was open to the idea. He didn't even try to eat the little guy! This cow and duck are also besties, and their favorite thing to do together is to go swimming in the pond.

Dogs aren't the only ones who try to make friends with deer - this giraffe at a safari park in Louisianna was curious when a deer ran up to greet him. While the encounter was brief, it was so cool to see - the giraffe was so gentle!

And here's a cool animal fact that you may not know. According to, there are some animals that actually form lifelong friendships; can you guess which ones they are? Dogs didn't make the list, but dolphins, horses, elephants, bats, chimpanzees, and cows all top the list. Interesting, right? I don't think that I would've listed any of those as my top guesses!

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