Golden Retriever Puppy’s First ‘Big Boy’ Jump Into the Pool Makes Mom Proud

Shutterstock/Denis Moskvinov

It's finally the time of the year when summer is just around the corner, which means many people are already enjoying the warm weather by taking dips in their backyard pool. That also means many pets are enjoying splashing around as well. The Golden Retriever puppy featured in this video wants to get in and swim in the pool, but he isn't sure about how to do it. His humans recorded mom trying to coax him in, and it's adorable!

Hudson Be Good shared the video on Tuesday, May 14th and I've watched it several times. It starts with the puppy trying to figure out how to get to his mom who's in the middle of the pool. He figures out he can get into the pool by using the step, and then gathers the courage for his first big jump to reach his mom!

Hudson Be Good says in their caption that the pup was so proud of himself, and he should be - that's a big accomplishment! Commenters couldn't get over how adorable he was and left lots of comments saying how cute the video was. One commenter got so excited she yelled, "I CAN'T STAND THIS ITS SO STINKIN CUTE! OMG SO ADORABLE! AWE GOD LOVE FUR BABIES!"

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Golden Retrievers Love Water

Much like Labrador RetrieversGolden Retrievers also love water. They are high energy dogs always looking for something to do, and if there's water around, they are probably in it...or will be soon!

According to The Smart Canine, "Golden Retrievers are excellent swimmers because they were originally bred to retrieve waterfowl from bodies of water. Not only do they retain the instincts to fetch, but also the instincts to swim. As such, Golden Retrievers were developed with all the physical traits and qualities that make them highly capable and efficient swimmers." They added that PetMD also lists them as #5 on their Top 10 swimming dog breeds list.

An interesting fact about Goldens and water is that their gorgeous coats aren't just for looks; it helps to repel water when they go for a dip. Golden Retrievers have an undercoat that has a wool-like feel to it that helps keep them warm. This allows them to swim in cold water for longer periods of time. They also have a topcoat, known as “guard hairs” that is water-repellent and helps to keep their skin dry.

Goldens are prone to getting 'swimmer's ear' when they are in the water for too long. Their long ear flaps can trap water in their ears, resulting in an ear infection. If your dog is constantly shaking its head or scratching or rubbing their ears, it's possible they're feeling the water in their ears. To help prevent this from happening, make sure to thoroughly dry their ears well after swimming. The Smart Canine also shares, "The AKC recommends using ear solution specifically made for cleaning your pet’s ears. The brand we recommend is the VetWell Ear Cleaner. It’s made in the USA by real veterinarians and gentle on the ears. In case of an infection, it’ll also relieve itching." You can find the ear cleaner at Amazon; it's relatively inexpensive and could save you a trip to the vet. A DIY option is using vinegar to clean their ears.

While it's fun to swim, it's also important to keep your dog safe. Always monitor them while they are in the water just like you would children. And don't forget to dry those ears afterwards!

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