Golden Retriever Puppy Earns the Title of ‘Land Shark’ Thanks to His Precious ‘Teefs'


When you think about puppy teeth, what's the first thing that comes to mind? If it's how sharp they are, you're not alone because that's the first thing we all thought of! If you've ever had a puppy, you also know just how sharp those little teefers can be. Benny is an adorable Golden Retriever puppy who earned the title of 'Land Shark', and for good reason. His pawrents shared a video on Monday, June 17th showing off his cute 'teefs' and you'll agree that the title fits perfectly after you see them!

The video is only eight seconds long, but that's all you need to see to make you smile after seeing Benny's adorable smile. Benny is laying on his back getting belly rubs from his mom, which makes him very happy. He's smiling at her and showing off his tiny shark teeth. He's so adorable and now I want to get a land shark of my own!

Benny made me smile from ear to ear, just like he's doing in the video! I couldn't agree more with commenter @FashionablyLate4 who swooned that the Golden pup is, "The cutest land shark!" There's no doubt about it, he's definitely a cutie!

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Why Are Puppies Teeth So Sharp?

Puppies have teeth that seem to be as sharp as a shark's teeth, so it makes sense that we call them land sharks. Those little razor-sharp teeth can lead to a painful bite, even if they're just playing. Why are their teeth so sharp? It's a great question, and there are few different reasons that explains why they need them.

Did you know that puppies are born without any teeth? Their baby teeth (also called milk teeth) start coming in at around 2 to 3 weeks old when the teething process begins. Once they come in, these teeth are only temporary and are pointy and sharp, in fact, they're often referred to as needle teeth. Around 4 months, puppies start to lose their milk teeth as their permanent adult teeth come in.

Hepper shared a few reasons that they need those sharp little chompers. First, these teeth actually help the pups ween from their mother's milk, "As the puppy’s baby or milk teeth start erupting, they mistakenly bite their mother’s nipple during breastfeeding. This makes their mother push the puppies away, encouraging them to search and try other foods. As a result, the puppy gets complete nutrition from their daily meals." Puppies are born with weak jaws, so their sharp teeth help them to eat hard foods like kibble; they use their teeth to chew and break the food into smaller pieces.

Interestingly, their teeth also help with socialization. Hepper explains, "Puppies and kittens use their mouth and nose to explore their surroundings. Their teeth also play a major part in helping them adapt to different conditions and socialize with other pets and humans. For instance, when your puppy nips at other dogs, they will probably stop playing with the pup or push them away. This will help your pet learn that biting or nipping stops the playtime, so they won’t repeat this behavior." So there you have it! Just a few vet-approved reasons explaining why puppies have those sharp little teeth.

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