Golden Retriever ‘Moving Ball With His Mind’ in the Pool Immediately Goes Viral


With summertime finally here, humans and often their pets are spending more time outside and staying cool in the pool. Mr. Tub and Blue are Golden Retrievers who love the water; their humans even have a hard time getting them out of the pool once they get in! Their family shared a video in mid-June of the two fur brothers in the pool, watching a tennis ball intently.

Watching a ball at the bottom of the pool might not sound very exciting, but the video is too funny! The dogs are watching a tennis ball that is slowly (at a snail's pace) moving across the floor of the pool. They are concentrating on it so hard that one of them looks like he's trying to make it move with his mind, or that's what their humans thought about the funny video!

People got a kick out of Mr. Tub and Blue's reaction to watching the ball. The video quickly went viral and got more than 23 million views, almost 3 million likes, and over 10 thousand comments. One commenter got nearly 20 thousand likes for their comment, "That's a dilemma." @based got over 75 thousand likes when they said, "Most aggressive Golden Retrievers." and the dogs' humans replied, "The meanest, toughest two guys you’ll ever see!"

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Golden Retrievers and Ear Infections

Golden Retrievers love the water, but they're also prone to ear infections. Some dog breeds are susceptible to ear infections, and it's an ongoing battle. Some studies have shown that long-eared dogs can have more humid conditions in their ear canal, which can lead to an infection.

You can get ear drops from your vet that can help prevent them and help with pain if they do get an ear infection. Keeping the hair around the ear matt free and short can help prevent them as well; a lot of infections start because dirt gets from the paw when they're scratching their ears. Keeping ear hair short and cleaning with wipes daily can keep the area clean.

Another Pet Helpful article suggested that prevention is key, " close attention to his ears. You want to make sure that you clean them frequently to remove debris. Apply a vet-approved cleaner to your dog's ears (one at a time) and massage the base of the ear for about 20 to 30 seconds to soften and release the debris. Then take a dry cotton ball and wipe out the fluids and debris. Keep repeating the procedure until you don't see any more debris being wiped up by the cotton ball."

To help keep your Golden ear infection free, make sure to check your dog's ears daily, making sure that they are clean and dry. Make sure to dry their ears well anytime they get wet, like after a dip in the pool and after baths since moisture breeds bacteria.

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